Ribbon Butterfly

Using the kanzashi technique, you can create an infinite number of original jewelry with your own hands. It is only necessary to learn its basics, and to do this is quite simple. This master class shows how to make a beautiful butterfly from the simplest kanzashi petals: round and sharp from two layers of ribbon. For this you will need:

1. 20 cm satin and brocade ribbon 5 cm wide.

2. Kansashi tool kit: scissors, lighter, tweezers and glue gun.

3. Accessories for decorating and securing the finished product.

All elements will be made from square segments of ribbons. In total, 4 squares of each color will be needed.

Butterfly wings will consist of round and sharp kanzashi petals. First, make a double sharp wing. To do this, a piece of brocade ribbon must be folded diagonally and in half.

The resulting triangle also needs to be folded in half, forming a petal.

Its edges need to be trimmed and scorched with a lighter in front and bottom.

After glowing with a lighter, the front part is clamped with tweezers to glue all layers of the tape together.

Now you need to prepare the second layer in the same way by folding a triangle from a satin ribbon.

Now the golden petal can be wrapped with the upper layer of tape, cut and singe it.

Double petals can be done in another way. This method is longer, but requires more skill and accuracy. Consider the example of making a round petal. Two pieces of tape must be folded in triangles diagonally and stacked on top of each other.

The edges of the petal are bent towards the middle.

The sides should be turned back as shown in the photo.

Front and bottom excess is cut off and fixed by a lighter.

Thus, a round petal is obtained.

With this method, you do not need to do the same actions twice, however, when working with two layers of fabric, you need to carefully monitor that all bends are parallel to each other.

To make a butterfly, you need two petals of each species.

The butterfly will be fixed on a wide hairpin-invisibility, and the middle can be decorated with a large stone.

Using a well-heated glue gun, two wings of one side are glued together.

Then both sides need to be glued together in the middle.

When the wings are connected, it is necessary to glue the middle and fix the butterfly on the hairpin with hot glue.

The hairpin is ready!

You can decorate any hair clips, erasers, headbands with such a butterfly and even make a stylish brooch out of it. The middle can also be formed from any pebbles or beads that are at hand. Thus, each butterfly will turn out to be unique and inimitable. Creative success!