Panel "I love spring"

Spring is the most favorite time of the year for most people. It is very pleasant when the sun begins to warm on the street, the rays of which melt the snow and create streams. Birds begin to sing songs more fun and equip nests for hatching chicks. The grass turns green, the flowers give aromas and attract all kinds of insects. Bushes and trees are being transformed. I want to capture all this beauty of nature. You can take a camera and take pictures during a walk, but a paper panel will look much more interesting.

For work, we will prepare such materials and tools:

  • - whatman;

  • - a sheet of cardboard;

  • - a set of gouache paints;

  • - scissors;

  • - brushes;

  • - tube with PVA glue;

  • - a set of multi-colored paper napkins;

  • - corrugated paper of different colors;

  • - a simple pencil;

  • - double-sided colored paper;

  • - threads;

  • - self-adhesive blue foam.

We take a paper and cover it with bright gouache paint. Very good spring theme corresponds to a pink tint. Paint is best applied with a thick brush.

We cut out a stencil of unusual shape from cardboard. With it, we draw several separate elements (mini-paintings).

Draw a contour with different shades of gouache paint using a thin brush. It turns out 7 frames.

From colored double-sided paper (yellow, orange and violet) we cut miniature flowers and bend them several times to give them volume.

From green paper, we cut out oblong leaflets and bend them in half in length.

In the corner of the Whatman paper we glue three multi-colored flowers and the same number of leaves.

We make the middle of the flowers from a pink napkin.

Now we begin to make mini-paintings.

From the blue napkin we form the sky. And from the bundles twisted from a yellow napkin, lay out the sun with the rays. All parts are easily fixed with PVA glue.

Above the application we write information on the topic.

From green corrugated paper we cut out strips, fringe cases and slightly twist it with a scissor blade. Glue the stripes horizontally. It turns out lush grass. We form snowdrops from a white napkin (three petals fastened together). Glue the snowdrops between the blades of grass.

From brown corrugated paper we make flagella of different thickness and length. From them we form a tree with branches. Glue delicate flowers made of white napkin on the twigs. It turns out a tree in lush flowers.

You can make a whole landscape. The sky is a blue napkin, grass is a green crepe paper. Trees are made of brown crepe paper, there are delicate green leaves on the branches, and below we place flowers from pink and yellow napkins.

We make brooks of blue napkins. On them we glue colorful boats made using the origami technique.

From napkins of green, pink and yellow shades we make a flowering meadow over which insects fly. Bright butterflies, active bees and fussy ladybugs are made of multi-colored napkins.

We make a nest of brown and yellow napkins. The eggs will be balls of white crepe paper, and the birds can be made from the remnants of the threads for knitting.

It remains only to cut out the letters from the self-adhesive film.

And stick the name of the panel: "I love spring."

This is such a beautiful job.

A common panel dedicated to spring consists of mini-paintings of relevant subjects.

This craft is useful to any teacher while working with children.