Do-it-yourself auto-document covers

Among all of us, there is a large part of people who are motorists and car owners, and every day, month, year, we are becoming much more. Each of us not only loves cars, but also it is quite convenient and significantly speeds up our life. No need to wait long and tiring for public transport to get to work or take the child to kindergarten, school. Therefore, now almost all women are trying not to delay, but to surrender to the right, so that you can use the vehicle at any time. Everyone knows that when a person receives a driver’s license, he must always carry it with him. And to make it safe and reliable, you need a special protective cover for a driver’s license, as well as other packages that every car owner should have with him. So now we’ll just do the right thing and learn how to make beautiful, and most importantly, unusual covers for auto documents with our own hands.

So, for the manufacture of covers for the driver’s package of documents, we take:

  • A sheet of thick cardboard under the skin in A4 format;

  • Two transparent covers, size as per passport;

  • Two transparent inserts for a package of auto documents;

  • Thick scrapbooking paper in brown;

  • Pictures on automotive topics for women and men;

  • Brads are metal bronze;

  • The watch pendant and crown are also of bronze color;

  • Gears cut out of cardboard;

  • Puncher border pattern;

  • Glue stick, scissors, double-sided tape, ruler, pencil.

To begin with, we need to cut out two bases for cover from thick cardboard. We take a sheet and cut out from it two rectangles 12.5 * 18 cm.

Each now we need to divide in half on the side that is 18 cm, now we draw a bend line and fold these blanks.

Now take the scrapbook paper and we need to cut two rectangles for each cover. We measure and cut them out just four and 8.5 * 12 cm in size.

We take two rectangles, and we will decorate them with pictures and cutting down. We glue and individually sew each element on a typewriter. We sew the pictures, make a strip from the bottom with the border and glue the blanks at the bottom.

Now we need to use the metal brads to fix the watch on the male blank, and on the female crown.

Glue the strips of tape and glue all the rectangles on both covers.

Now flashing both in a circle. Now we take a transparent liner, insert it inward and flush it at the seam on the typewriter.

The denser the cover base, the more durable it will be. Now we just have to insert our entire structure into a transparent and protective cover. We get so different covers for both women and men. Cover data will be very relevant as a gift. Thanks to all and see you soon.