Stamping for beginners

Stamping, or as it is also called “nail art”, is rapidly gaining popularity. After all, this is a great alternative to similar expensive procedures that are performed by professionals in the salon. At home, you can easily make an excellent manicure, which will not differ from the work of the master.

The essence of the method is very simple - you apply a stamp from a special plate or disk using a stamp. The prints are very beautiful and accurate.

Stamping Tools

To create stamping at home, we need:

  • special varnish (varnish-paint);

  • stamping disc or plate;

  • stamp;

  • scraper;

  • nail polish remover (oil free);

  • fixer;

  • cotton pads.

Instruction manual

Prepare our tools for use. Lay them out conveniently for you - the process of drawing a picture from a stamp on a nail should be very quick, otherwise the varnish will dry out and not print. Therefore, you should have everything at hand.

First, degrease your hands - wash them thoroughly with soap. This is done in order to remove the remnants of the cream or other substances containing fat from the nail plate. Then the varnish will lie neatly, evenly and beautifully.

Under the base, select the varnish that you like most. Apply it on your nails. Be sure to give the varnish time to dry completely. If this is not done, then you can lubricate the picture.

Degrease the disc, stamp and scraper with nail polish remover. The most ordinary one will work, just be sure to look at the composition - there should in no case be oil.

Apply varnish-paint on the plate and, having scrapped at an angle of about 45 degrees, remove all unnecessary. With a quick, as if rolling motion, attach the stamp to the disk. The pattern will print on your cushion.

Now, without wasting time, transfer the drawing to the nail. If you do this not fast enough, the varnish will dry on your stamp and will not be able to completely overlap.

The drawing is very thin, so it dries quickly enough. Now you need to apply a protective coating. It is important to make this a one-two-touch easy movement, so that your drawing does not smear.

That's so easy and fast you can get a great and original manicure without the services of specialists at home.