How to decorate a box of chocolates

There are many ways to decorate a box of chocolates, one of which is decorating in the form of a basket with flowers. We will make a flower basket from corrugated paper. Supporting materials:

  • The foam square is 6x6 in size.

  • Toothpicks.

  • "Titanium" glue.

  • Thin ribbon, lace, bead.

  • Box of sweets.

So, let's start by preparing the base for the flowers made of polystyrene foam. Using a knife, cut out a square on paper. On it, later we will arrange flowers on toothpicks.

Make flowers

Our flower basket will be decorated with beautiful roses in blue and yellow. Therefore, we will make an equal number of roses of both colors.

In order for the rose to look voluminous, it is necessary to make a core in the form of a ball. Take a regular toothpick, moisten its tip with glue, and wrap a piece of cotton wool. Then apply a piece of foil on top. Firmly pressing the foil down to the toothpick, we get just such a core for a rose.

Next, cut out the rose petal patterns from paper. One is smaller, about 3.5 cm long, and the other is larger - 5 cm. According to these patterns, we begin to cut rose petals.

One rose will need 7 small petals. As well as 9 to 10 large petals.

Now we begin to stick the petals to the spherical base. Glue two petals opposite each other. Then we glue their opposite edges together.

In the next row we also paste two sheets, but from other sides. Glue the opposite edges of the petals.

In the third row we glue three more petals. We also glue the edges. It turns out a rose bud.

We turn to the leaves of a larger template, stick two of them. Glue together.

It's time to stick leaves with curled edges. You can tighten them with the help of the same toothpick. Remember to stretch the center of the petal from the back for volume.

We start sticking curly leaves one after another to the bud. At the exit we get a magnificent rose.

Roses can be made not only monochrome, but alternate, for example, a blue bud, and curly yellow petals and vice versa. When the required number of colors is glued together, we proceed to lay them on the foam square. With the help of toothpicks, they are easily stuck in the foam. Shape a flower basket lid to your taste.

Next, cover the edges of the candy box with corrugated paper.

To do this, cut pieces of the appropriate length, fixing them with the box with glue in several places. Stretch the paper around the edges.

Fasten the paper in the center of the box with decorative tape, decorate with lace and beads. Put a flower cap on top of the box. The gift is ready!

Let me remind you that the options for the color scheme can be very different, for example, such an option.