Satin Ribbon Tulips

What could be more beautiful than a bouquet of tulips on a beautiful spring day?

A cute bouquet can decorate a vase or hairstyle if you make a hair clip of them. You can decorate a basket with tulips and present such a gift to your family and friends close to the spring holiday on March 8th.

To make tulips you need:

- satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide: green, yellow and pink;

- narrow red ribbon for a bow;

- bead;

- silicone glue;

- lighter;

- stamens;

- felt;

- tweezers;

- scissors;

- cotton swabs.

1. To make one bud, you need to cut the ribbon for the petals into pieces 4-4.5 cm long.

Now cut the scissors corners from one edge to form a semicircle.

Using the candle flame we process the petal from one edge so that it acquires a three-dimensional shape.

2. From the opposite edge, make a crease, hold it with tweezers and fix it over the fire.

For one flower, you need to make 8 petals.

3. Next, take the base from a cotton swab and glue 4-8 stamens to it.

4. After that, we attach the petals in the following order. The first row should have 3 petals, and the second - 8.

5. If the flowers will be used for a vase or topiary, then you can make leaves for them. To do this, cut the green tape into pieces of 5 cm, fold in half and cut the sheet in shape, process the edges of the workpiece over the fire.

6. After that, we fold the workpiece in half along, clamp it with tweezers and briefly bring it to the fire, an average vein is formed.

7. Now glue 3 leaves to the base of each flower.

Next, you can wrap the stems with tape and use the flowers as a decoration element in the compositions.

I will continue to work with flowers and make a hair clip out of them.

8. For the manufacture of sepals, you need to cut the tape into pieces of 8 cm. Fold a piece of tape in half and cut at an angle using a hot knife.

Fix the slice over the fire and turn it out.

9. From the remaining 2 triangles you can make a leaflet. To do this, we fasten the slice also over the fire, turn it around, make folds on both sides and fix the part over the fire.

10. Insert each flower into the sepals and glue.

11. For the base you will need an oval of felt 3 by 5 cm. It is better if it is a green felt, but if this is not, then you can use white.

All leaves must be glued to the base in a circle, forming a litter for flowers.

12. For composition I use 4 red flowers and 1 yellow.

13. To complete the composition, you can decorate with a bow made of a narrow red ribbon, in the middle of which a bead should be sewn or glued.