Satin Ribbon Wreath

A wreath of satin ribbons at all times was considered and is considered an obligatory element of the Ukrainian folk costume. It consists of such wildflowers as daisies, periwinkles, cornflowers, poppies. I propose to make them from satin ribbons and assemble them into a wreath.

What to cook?

- rim;

- red ribbon 5 cm wide;

- black thread;

- green ribbon (2.5 cm);

- felt mugs;

- blue ribbon (2.5 cm);

- stamens are blue, white;

- white tape 6 mm;

- yellow tape 1 cm;

- viburnum in sugar;

- blue ribbon 2.5 cm;

- green ribbon 0.6, 2.5 cm, 4 cm;

- stamens.


It is a luxurious bright red flower with large leaves and a box-shaped center. For its manufacture, it is necessary to cut the tape into squares with a side length of 5 cm.

Next, cut out the petals with a round edge on the eye. We process each petal above the flame and stretch it in different directions to make waves.

In total, you need to make 8-10 petals. Take a circle of felt and glue all the petals in a circle.

To make the middle, you need to take a little sintepon or cotton wool, roll it into a ball and wrap it with a piece of green tape. Using a needle and a black thick thread, wrap the middle.

Next, we wind the thread on two fingers, knit it in the middle, and then cut the edges, comb them and glue them under the box.

This design must be glued to the center of the poppy.

We make several flowers, I have them 3. Cornflower For a cornflower, you need to cut a blue ribbon into pieces of 4 cm.

Using a soldering iron, we make denticles from one edge of the tape. Next, with scissors we give the opposite edge the appearance of a petal.

We collect 20 petals per thread and tighten. In the center we insert a bunch of blue stamens. Glue a circle of felt from blue or black on the back of the flower.


For chamomile, we cut a narrow ribbon 6 mm wide into pieces of 3.5 cm.

One edge of the petal must be cut so that it is sharp and fixed over the fire. The second edge is folded in half lengthwise and also fixed over the fire.

To make the middle, we sew a tape 1 cm wide, and then tighten it to get an accordion. We twist it with a spiral and fix it with glue or a needle with a thread.

Glue the petals in a circle in a circle, their number is about 50 pieces, glue the center in the center.

Periwinkle For periwinkle you need to make round kanzashi petals from a blue ribbon. After that, we clamp the edges of the petal with tweezers and burn it over the candle so that the petals are angular.

Glue together petals of 5 pieces and glue the stamens into the center. Glue on the back side of each other 3 flowers. Leaflets It is necessary to make leaflets from various tapes of green shades. To do this, fold a piece of tape 8 cm in half and cut with a soldering iron or cut with scissors and fix the cut over the fire.

Assembling the wreath We take the rim and wrap it with a green ribbon.

Next, glue on the surface of the leaves, making a litter for flowers.

After that, we distribute the flowers on the surface. In the middle I stuck a poppy, cornflowers and daisies are attached between the poppies, and periwinkle flowers are added.

Also, if desired, viburnum can be added to the wreath - I have it ready-made berries in sugar.

The wreath is ready.