Painted kettlebell as a souvenir

On the eve of each holiday, the question arises about the appropriate gift, and you always want to give something extraordinary and memorable.

We can choose it in the store, or we can create it ourselves from the things that are at our fingertips. And then a piece of our soul will remain in the memorable gift, and the wish coming from the heart will be much more pleasant for its recipient.

I offer a small weight mass as a gift souvenir with a wish of happiness and decorated with colorful flowers and stars.

Any inscription can be invented, the main thing is that it fits on the occasion and can fit on a weight.

In our case, there is symbolism and unusualness when we write “Pood of happiness” on a two-hundred-gram weight. Thus, a small gift gets a different, higher value.

We will need:

  • Small weight kettlebell

  • acrylic paints, including gold,

  • natural and artificial brushes of different diameters,

  • acrylic lacquer,

  • finely sharpened soft pencil, eraser,

  • grinding sponge

  • primer for acrylic paints.

Manufacturing technique

1. We take a weight of small weight, in our case weighing 200 grams, and a grinding sponge of medium abrasiveness and process the surface.

Instead of a special grinding sponge, you can use a metal washcloth to clean the dishes.

When using black iron weights at this stage, we first release the surface from the rust layer, if any. And then grind if necessary.

2. For the next stage, we will prepare a polished weights, primer for acrylic paints and a large-diameter brush. It’s better to take a synthetic brush.

We cover the weights with soil.

3. Take a weight and either a low abrasive grinding sponge or a zero-pelt.

We grind a layer of soil. It must be borne in mind that action must be taken with extreme caution. Unlike wood, plywood or cardboard, the soil is not absorbed into metal surfaces, so even with a light touch of the sanding sponge, you can wipe the soil clean.

If necessary, primer the surface several times and wait for the applied layer to dry before applying the next one.

4. We get a white acrylic paint, preferably matte, and a nylon brush.

And cover the weights with paint.

We opt for matte paint, since it is more difficult to apply a pencil drawing on glossy paint.

5. Take the colored weights, pencil and eraser.

We apply a pre-invented drawing.

In our case, we draw stars and flowers, and in the foreground, on the one hand, the inscription “Pood of happiness”.

6. For the new stage, we need gold acrylic paint and a brush.

We paint a weight, trying not to go on the line of inscriptions and drawings.

If gold paint has a good dense texture, then the stage with white paint can be skipped and the drawing applied directly to the ground.

7. Getting to the main stage. We paint the weights with bright colors of different colors. It is better to use brushes No. 1 or No. 2, to draw small details by composition, choose natural ones.

8. After applying the main drawing, mix the yellow and gold paints and carefully prescribe the background, carefully tracing the drawings.

This is necessary to form a more even, saturated and volumetric background color.

9. Last of all, varnish the surface of the weight with acrylic varnish.

It is advisable to apply at least three layers of varnish. Do not forget to follow the instructions for the varnish and wait for the appropriate time for applying the subsequent layers.

Our weight is ready.

This gift can be presented on almost any occasion to any person. Its versatility lies in its small size, pleasant wishes and originality.