The surefire way to remove super glue from your hands

Each master or home craftsman was faced with the problem of removing dried superglue on his hands. This substance has excellent adhesion with numerous surfaces, including very strong adhesion to the skin. The peel is removed quite well with a cotton swab soaked in acetone. It is applied to the glue for a while, the composition softens and is relatively quickly removed. But what if there is no acetone under your hands? Do not be upset, there is a simple and very effective solution.

Necessary materials

The glue is removed with a safety razor, shaving foam and aftershave cream. You also need to prepare a small bowl of warm water.

Glue removal process

For the purity of the experiment, apply a layer of superglue on the finger, allow time for it to dry. Now we show how to remove pollution.

Use modern models of machines, they even theoretically can not cause great damage. The angle of the blade is chosen so as not to be able to deeply injure the skin.

Wet the razor blade and a special sliding strip in water. It greatly facilitates the process of drawing the blade over the skin, perfectly complements the foam effect.

Apply shaving foam to the area of ​​your hand with glue.

Wet the finger of the other hand in water and smear the foam over the area of ​​the hand with dried glue. Increase the area of ​​the foam, this will help protect nearby skin, in most cases the width of the razor blades is greater than the width of the dried superglue.

With a razor blade, begin to remove the glue, the movements should be smooth without much pressure. Do not rush, it’s better to walk several times in one place with normal effort than to press and cut hard once.

Continue to clean until glue is completely removed. Constantly monitor the condition of the skin surface.

The glue does not dissolve in the foam, but is removed with a razor blade. Wash your finger with water, inspect the result, repeat the procedure if necessary.

After complete removal of contamination, wash your hands thoroughly and smear the treated area with aftershave cream.


It is only necessary to work with a new and sharp razor, the old one will not only remove the glue, but can also injure the skin of the hand. Always remember that the composition of superglue includes toxic chemical compounds, when it gets on the skin, part of them are absorbed into the blood. We strongly advise you to work with gloves.