Flare of Fire Necklace

We are controlled by the mood, our life depends on what color it is today. Sunny at heart or overcast, we try not to notice this when you have to go to work or do the usual chores around the house. But this can be easily changed. To create a festive mood, there is no need to wait for an official solemn day, you can arrange it yourself. Each woman knows that buying a new thing always cheers up. But buying a thing is not necessary, it is enough to have the necessary materials and tools and make a gift to yourself. I propose to make a necklace of bright red color from beads, beads and glass beads.

This bright accessory will help to colorize gray everyday life. His fiery flashes will attract the attention of others and improve his mood.

We need:

  • side cutters (popularly nippers), thin-nose pliers, scissors, round-nose pliers,

  • threads from lavsan type 22M,

  • needle for beads,

  • ruler

  • colorless transparent beads - 9 pieces,

  • red clear beads,

  • translucent colorless long bugle,

  • transparent red beads of 5 mm in diameter - 9 pieces,

  • unpainted transparent beads of 8 mm in diameter - 7 pieces, 5 mm - 60 pieces,

  • 1 connecting double ring,

  • 2 caps of medium hard metal,

  • steel color chain 20 cm long,

  • two pins with a loop at the end,

  • lock closed by screwing.

Manufacturing Method:

1. We take a pin, threads, a needle, a ruler, scissors, red beads, colorless beads of 5 mm each and collect the double part of the necklace.

If necessary, clamp the loop on the pin with a pair of fine pliers. This may be necessary so that the loop is completely closed and the thread does not pass through the slot. We measure the mylar thread twice as long as not less than the estimated size of the first part of the necklace, multiplied by two, plus 15 cm. In our case, the thread should be at least 65 cm. We fix the thread on the pin loop.

We collect three red beads on a string, then alternate beads and beads 1: 1. After a set of 30 pieces of beads we stop. The length of the thread we got about 20 cm.

2. Take our string with beads, red beads and beads with a diameter of 8 mm.

We continue to collect the thread further, instead of small beads we put on 8 mm beads. We don’t dress a bead before the first of them. Then we draw the thread through the 8 mm bead, dressed first. We get a ring of large beads.

3. Go back to the small beads.

We collect a string of beads and beads of 5 mm each in an amount of 30 pieces, ending with three red beads. We fix the thread on the pin.

4. We take the thread, needle, scissors and a double connecting ring.

It is better to choose a double ring, since the usual single ring is less reliable, and the thread can slip through an incompletely closed slot.

We measure the thread twice as long as supposedly 50-60 cm.

We fix the thread on the connecting ring.

5. We take transparent colorless beads, red beads, bugles, red beads.

String three red beads, then alternate red beads and bugles. We finish the thread with a red bead and colorless bead, after which we fix the thread.

Each thread of all parts of the necklace will always begin with three red beads for the symmetry of the whole product.

For example, the photo shows the sequence of 2 beads and 1 bugle.

So repeat for each of the nine threads. The length of the threads varies from 33 to 38 cm to create a nice-looking cascading composition.


1 bugle: 1 beads - 3 strands

the rest on the first thread: 1 bugle: 2 little beads, 1: 3, 1: 4, 1: 5, 1: 6, 1: 7

We get part of the necklace number two.

6. We get part of necklace number one and a hat.

We put a hat on the pin.

7. Using thin-nose pliers, bend the pin at an angle of ninety degrees close to the base of the cap.

8. Bite off the pin with the wire cutters to the desired length.

Using a thin-nose pliers, squeeze the cap a little to make the product look more neat.

9. Using round pliers, make a loop at the end of the pin.

10. Using thin-nose pliers, open the loop on the pin to the side.

11. For the next stage, use part of necklace No. 2 and a pin.

Using thin-nose pliers, unhook the pin loop in the form of a hook.

Dress the hook on the connecting ring and close the loop.

12. Take a hat and put it on the pin.

13. Using thin-nose pliers, bend the pin close to the cap at an angle of ninety degrees.

14. We cut the pin with the wire cutters to the required size.

15. Using round-nose pliers, form a loop on the pin

Then squeeze the hat to give it the necessary shape.

16. Using thin-nose pliers, open the loop, bending it to the side.

17. We take a ruler, side cutters and a chain 19 cm long or a little more. Keep in mind that one link in the chain will be cracked and the length will be reduced.

With nippers, divide it in half by 9.5 cm.

18. Take part of necklace number 1, a chain and a pair of thin-nose pliers.

Pass the pin hook into the chain link and close it.

19. Take part of necklace number 2 and repeat the procedure.

20. We take both parts of the necklace, clasp and thin-nose pliers.

Unclench the rings at the ends of the lock with thin pliers.

21. We dress the open lock rings on the last links of the chain and close them.

The necklace is ready.

It remains to put the second part of the necklace into the ring first. We carry out the threads with beads and glass beads one at a time into the ring one after another and straighten.

Making such a catchy necklace in itself creates a holiday in the soul, a surge of strength and positive emotions. You can wear it on any day of the week when you want to arrange a holiday for yourself. Its color, resembling a flash in the sun, will help to keep your eyes on you and give you a good mood.