Easter egg made of felt

Creative people strive to show imagination in preparation for the holidays. From what material Easter eggs do not create: wood, fabric, satin ribbons. The classic color is red, but all the colors of the rainbow are perfectly acceptable. Why not sew an Easter egg from felt, which also stands on the surface? Felt allows you to create crafts of any complexity, since it is a malleable material. Finishing details can not only be sewn, but also glued. An Easter egg made of felt is a great option to decorate the interior for the holiday.


• Thin felt, one sheet of any color is enough to make an egg. For decoration details in the form of flowers, small pieces of felt of different colors are used.

• Sintepuh or synthetic winterizer.

• Thin woolen or cotton threads.

Working process:

1. First you need to cut out the details of the paper pattern. In this case, the egg consists of three parts, but four can be used.

2. The paper pattern is superimposed on a sheet of felt, three parts of the egg are cut without allowances. The bottom is one detail.

3. Details of the egg are successively stacked with each other and stitched on a sewing machine. The top should be rounded, only the bottom remains open, all other sides should be stitched.

4. The egg is turned on the front side, straightened. Then it is stuffed with sintepuh.

5. The bottom is sewn with hand stitches, a seam is sewn. As a result, the egg stably stands on the surface.

6. The overcast seam can be covered with flowers, they are cut from felt of different colors and sewn just above the line of the overcast seam. If desired, flowers can be glued over the entire surface of the egg.