Volume application "Spring"

In the spring I want to create even more than in any other period of the year. Nature itself gives inspiration when fragrant tender flowers bloom on flower beds and trees. Everything turns green, and the mood from this always rises. The spring beauty of nature inspires the creation of original paintings.

For those who can draw, this is not a problem. If your art skills are not higher than the school curriculum, then try to make a volume application. For work you will need such materials:

- napkins of different colors;

- corrugated paper of those shades that are not in the napkins;

- scissors;

- a sheet of cardboard;

- tube with PVA glue;

- double sided tape.

First, collect napkins and corrugated paper in the following colors: brown, green, blue, white, pink, yellow.

Take a sheet of plain cardboard.

Glue a strip of green corrugated paper. It will be grass.

Glue the blue napkin on top, so the sky will turn out. No need to smooth the paper, otherwise the image will not be embossed.

Next, cut the brown paper into strips and twist the flagella of different lengths from them.

Form from them a trunk and branches of trees.

Cut the yellow napkin into stripes and make flagella out of them.

Glue the long blanks in a spiral into a circle, and the short ones will be rays. It turns out a beautiful sun.

The clouds will be pieces of napkins wrinkled randomly.

Make grass out of corrugated paper. Cut small stripes, cut a fringe from one edge and tighten with a scissors blade.

Lush weed is ready.

To make snowdrops, cut ovals from a white napkin, twist one of the edges with your fingers. Glue three petals together.

This is how delicate snowdrops look.

If you twist the ovals in the center and glue 2 blanks into a lush flower, you get a beautiful flowering cherry or apple tree.

The same principle can be used for making bluebells.

The leaves on the trees only open. Form them from thin short stripes twisted in the center.

To make a dandelion, you need to cut a yellow napkin into strips. Cut a short thick fringe from one of the long edges and twist the workpieces in a spiral.

It turns out lush yellow flowers.

To form tulips, you need to cut the petals from a pink napkin. Glue 5-7 pieces on a double-sided tape and twist in a spiral.

Tulips look very beautiful.

Here is such a beautiful spring landscape obtained from paper napkins and ordinary corrugated paper.

Put your work in a frame and enjoy the beauty of spring nature without leaving your home.

Work can be a pleasant gift for colleagues, school friends or a loved one.