Cloth bunny eggs for the spring holiday

Spring is very fresh, bright and the long-awaited time of the year by all of us. She is probably the favorite time of the year for many, as everything around is green, smells, blooms, sings and flies. Spring freshness, funny trills of birds flying from distant warm lands, which can be better and nicer. Here spring brings us another wonderful, though sometimes a little sad holiday of Easter. This holiday is not in vain called bright, because on this day the resurrection of our Lord God Jesus Christ took place. It is on this day that among the lips of everyone we hear “Christ is Risen”, to which we hear “Truly Risen” in response. People bake Easter cakes, paint eggs and exchange these Easter attributes with each other. And now in general it is very fashionable and prestigious to give each other small handmade souvenirs for Easter. For example, you can make soft bunnies in the shape of Easter eggs as souvenirs, only with ears. It will be very cool to look and there will be cool gifts for loved ones.

So, we will consider a master class on tailoring such bunnies and for a master class we take:

  • Cotton fabric of 100% quality, Polish and Korean production, we take purple, blue and turquoise in small white peas;

  • Pattern;

  • Holofiber filler;

  • Threads are white and black;

  • Needle;

  • Satin ribbon salad in peas 5 mm wide;

  • White cotton lace in the shape of a flower;

  • Black strasski for eyes;

  • Knitted flowers of mint, pink and beige flowers;

  • Half beads of different colors;

  • Scissors, pencil;

  • Lighter;

  • Sewing machine.

We take a pattern. Each bunny we have consists of two eggs for the body and 4 blanks for the eye. Cut one piece of egg and one eye.

Now we take a cloth and we apply our patterns to each.

Circle with a simple pencil.

It turns out from each tissue we need to cut 4 ears and two bodies. We cut it out and now we need to iron all the elements from the fabric well.

Now, in pairs, with the front side, we fold the blanks of the ears and the blanks of the body. Using a machine, we sew all the blanks together, undercooking 2 cm each so that all parts can be turned out, filled with filler and then sewn manually.

First, we sew the sidewalls on the bodies, and then the workpiece itself in a circle. We make side inserts so that later our bunnies take the form of eggs.

We now fill our fabric blanks with filler and from the bottom we manually sew with a fillet seam.

Sew the ears with a hidden seam to the very calf at the very top. Around the ears we tie the ribbons and tie the bows. We sew noses and mouths with black threads.

We glue the eyes-strasses, at the top on the bows we glue flowers and half beads. Glue cotton lace in a circle.

We get such cute bunnies that perfectly complement the bright holiday and serve as a wonderful Easter souvenir for your loved ones. Thank you all for your attention, good luck!