Easter bunnies made of fabric

Almost already we spent the first spring month of March and very soon we were waiting for the onset of April, which brings with it a celebration of spring, joy, but also sadness, the feast of Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why is this holiday at the same time sad, because it is customary for many to visit dead relatives in the cemetery that day, arrange a memorial dinner and exchange with everyone you know, relatives and friends of krashenka, Easter cakes and other mini-gifts. And in our time, the topic of handmade gifts is becoming generally relevant. They are considered very special and valuable, because the truth is, there is nothing better and more pleasant than getting some kind of souvenir, in which a piece of love and soul is embedded. Here, with regards to the holiday of Happy Easter, the main animal of this day is the Easter rabbit. So, as an idea and a nice little gift for the holiday, I will sew soft rabbits from the fabric.

Just such a master class right now we will consider. To sew Easter rabbits, we need to take:

  • The fabric is not very variegated, we take a gray-white cage, it is Polish cotton and gray cotton in Korean-made daisies;

  • Rabbit pattern (a lot of different patterns can be found on the Internet and printed);

  • Filler ball syntepuh;

  • Black stripes for the eye;

  • Satin ribbons with green and blue polka dots;

  • Threads are black and white, a needle;

  • Tape with large white pompons, take them for the ponytails;

  • White ribbon with small pompomkami;

  • Knitted flowers turquoise, beige and blue;

  • Scissors and pencil;

  • Glue gun.

We take the printed pattern and cut it out.

Now we unfold the fabric and apply our prepared pattern to it.

We circle the pattern and cut out two tissue parts of the rabbit from each fabric.

In total, we sew three rabbits in the master class, so we have only six fabric blanks.

Now we put them together in pairs, so that the front part is inside. We sew all three blanks on a typewriter, undercook 2-3 cm from the bottom of each so that our blanks can be turned out and filled with filler.

We twist and stuff with the filling of our bunnies.

From the bottom, we manually sew up our bunnies with the help of a fillet seam. Glue the eyes.

We glue the bows, flowers and other decorations and our rabbits are ready. Thanks to all and successful creation to all!