Decorative stool - souvenir

Today it is fashionable to decorate the interior of a room, shelves, shop windows with decorative elements. Particular emotion is caused by mini-copies of ordinary objects, for example, a high chair, a piano, almost tiny toy vases with flowers, and paintings. You can make such a souvenir as a gift to a girlfriend or colleague. The best option is a chair, because it is associated with many professions. It can be a hairdresser, a computer chair, a pianist chair. In general, if you add the necessary accessories to it, then you can get different options.

So, to create this little miracle, we need:

  • Foam sponges - 2 pieces.

  • Beautiful fabric (not very dense).

  • Clay "Titan".

  • Wire.

  • Insulin syringe.

  • Golden edging.

  • Ring (from the curtain).

  • Cardboard.

  • Threads.

  • Acrylic colors (black).

To begin with, circle the ring on the foam with a pen, and cut a circle with a clerical knife. This is the future chair seat.

Now we also circle the ring on the cardboard, make a hole for the syringe in the center. A chair leg will come out through it.

Next, cut out a circle and a strip of the required length from the fabric. We make a soft upholstery for the chair. Sew the circle to the strip, twist and put on the foam.

Now let's take a chair leg. To do this, carefully remove the cannula with the needle, take out the piston and cut off the syringe from the side of the needle of the desired length. Inside the syringe we place three pieces of wire.

We put on a cardboard circle through the bottom, after which we bend the leg holders from three sides at the bottom like a computer chair. And at the top we leave pieces of wire free. Using the threads, we sew each of the three segments to the cardboard as shown.

Next, we put on top of this design a soft seat, which we made earlier and glue it to the cardboard. Here is what happened.

Well, now it’s the turn to make our chair even more attractive. Why do we sew beads on top of the seat, deepening them into the fabric. On the reverse side we fix the threads on the cardboard.

Then we cut out one more circle from the fabric of a smaller size than the chair and stick it on the bottom in order to hide the rough work.

We proceed to the assembly of the upper soft part of the chair. We cut out the following element from cardboard, foam rubber and fabric.

As well as a long fabric strip. The foam part should be smaller as in the picture.

We sew fabric parts together. Sew or glue them to the foam base. Next, glue to the cardboard.

As with the seat, we decorate the soft top with beads. We fix on the reverse side with threads. Then glue the back of the part with a cloth.

Chair assembly

Glue the ring from the bottom of the seat. We connect the back on the cardboard with glue to the seat of the chair.

We take a decorative golden edging and frame the unsightly places of the chair (looking cardboard at the top and sides). We also make armrests.

We paint a plastic ring and a syringe with a thin brush with black acrylic paint.

Our chair turned out to be only 15 cm high.

Here is the work on creating a decorative chair and is completed. It remains to choose accessories. It will be up to you whether it will be a hairdressing, accounting chair, or a pianist chair.