How to make a dart for darts with your own hands

Javelin throwing is a great way of entertainment for both children and adults. You can hang the target and practice accuracy in the apartment, in the office, in the courtyard, in a night club. But ready-made game sets of this type go on sale, equipped with three, maximum five “shells”. In this case, there is always the possibility that the dart will be lost or broken. What to do in this case, to run to the store? Not necessary. Everything can be done by yourself.

What materials and tools will be needed

In order to make a dart for darts with your own hand, getting started, you must first prepare the following consumables:

  • An even branch of a tree, better from elm;

  • Insulating tape;

  • Plastic bottle;

  • A bicycle spoke or small nail, for example, 50 millimeters in length.

As an ideal tool:

  • Knife;

  • Stationery scissors;

  • Pliers;

  • Any abrasive for sharpening.

In time, the manufacturing process takes no more than 20 minutes.

Step-by-step instruction

At the first step, we cut off a fragment 8-10 centimeters long from the prepared branch, after which we remove the bark. The latter can not be done, but it is likely that as the dart dries, it will deform. In addition, detachment of the crust may become a problem, and this will lead to a violation of the aerodynamic properties of the product and a deterioration in the degree of accuracy during throwing.

The next step is to wind the insulation tape on one edge of the wooden fragment, as well as in the middle.

Next, it is necessary, starting from the end where there is no light, make two perpendicular cuts up to 3 centimeters deep into the branch. The wings of the product will subsequently be inserted into them.

We proceed to the manufacture of “plumage” from a piece of plastic bottle prepared in advance. You need to cut a couple of elements, giving them a shape, as in the picture below.

In the next steps, we bend the wings in the middle, achieving an angle of 90 degrees.

Gently tapping, immerse the needle or nail into the tree. This is done from the side where the wound insulation tape is present.

Next step: insert the feathering elements. The following photo demonstrates how to do this.

Now we wrap the tail edge of the dart with electrical tape. A wound tape tightly pulls the cut end, and the antennae on the plastic will not allow the “feathers” to pop out.

The latter is the sharpening of the sting with the help of the available abrasive in the form of sandpaper, whetstone, file, grinder or machine tool.

In this way, you can make any number of darts without spending a dime.