Easter card

On the bright holiday of Easter, I want to please my loved ones with pleasant surprises. An excellent gift will be a handmade postcard. What could be closer to the Easter theme than a basket filled with fresh spring grass and colored eggs. We will make such a card.

We will need several sheets of designer paper, double-sided foam tape up to 1 mm thick, scissors, 30 cm braid and good mood.

For the main element of the postcard - baskets, it is better to take textured paper. We cut it into strips of about 1 cm, tint each strip with a stamp pad or pastel.

We weave the canvas, and give it the shape of a basket.

From bright paper with a small pattern, we cut out the details in the form of eggs, which are also tinted.

From green paper - thin grass.

When all the basic details are ready, we take the basis of the postcard, decor elements and begin to assemble the product.

First, glue the double-sided tape on the background of the postcard blank.

Then we form the contents of the basket, sticking in layers of grass and dye.

To decorate the basket we form a bow from the braid.

Glue the main tape to the back of the basket, and the basket to the card. It remains to decorate the blade of grass with a butterfly, and the original postcard is ready!

A handmade postcard will certainly please your loved ones.