Workshop clamp "Orchid"

Decoration for hair made of plastic suede.

To complete such a product you will need materials:

- duck clip 12 cm long.

- oil pastels.

- lighter.

- foamiran white, green and slightly red in thickness of 1 mm.

- scissors.

- glue gun.

- corrugated paper.

- iron.

- two medium sized beads.

- wire.

- household foil.

- double sided tape.

- floral ribbon for stems.

The composition will have two orchid flowers, three buds and 6 leaves. And we start with templates for details. A large detail is similar to a shamrock, still need round workpieces on the leg. And for the middle of the flower, we draw a detail similar to an unusual bird. For the buds there will be a rectangle with rounding on one side. The shape of the leaves is similar to a boat.

With a toothpick on the prepared material, we circle the desired number of times and cut it out. The leaves will be green, and all other details made of white plastic suede.

Do not forget about the details for the buds.

Here we start coloring. Take green and purple pastels. And in turn, we will process small petals on only one side.

The rounded edge will be purple and the bottom of the petal green. We spend on the workpiece with pastel and rub it with our fingers, making smooth transitions.

In this way we process all 12 petals. If desired, 4 blanks can only be made in green.

Then you need heat treatment on the iron. We apply the raw side to the hot plane of the iron. The detail is compressed, remove it, straighten.

We turn to the petals of the orchid flowers themselves. Here we will first process on the iron. Still need a strip of corrugated paper. Take a part with three petals, which we will alternately place between two layers of paper. And with paper we put on the iron, warming up a little on both sides. Then just with your hand on the table we press the processed area. There will be a good print of stripes on both sides.

In this way we decorate all the flower petals. We only follow the correct direction of the lines on paper.

There will be another treatment for green leaves. First, on each piece with a toothpick we push the main middle vein. Then we simply smooth the edges of the leaves with our fingers, and we thin it around the entire perimeter of the part. The difference is immediately noticeable.

Meanwhile, the flower petals have cooled and hold a new shape. Let's move on to staining them. The edges of all parts will be purple. And for round blanks, the leg should be made green. Do not forget to process another end of the petals.

The time has come for a piece that is ridiculously shaped. We will use red color for decoration. Tint the whole part. Additionally, we put a lot of small dots, stripes. Drawing on both sides.

In addition, we need two small parts with a length of 1 cm and a width of 0.5 cm. Fold in half, cut two corners and glue it inside the bend, leaving 0.5 cm edges free. We bend them to the sides and put red dots on these wings.

Now the bead should be pasted over with red suede. We drip hot glue into the box, put a bead, and while the suede is warm, scroll it well. We cut off excess material.

We return to the preparation of the middle of the flower. Further, with warmth of the lighter, we warm the large wings and they themselves bend inward.

The remaining half with the tail should also be bent to the middle of the workpiece. Then we glue the treated bead between the large wings, and fasten the small white part between the smaller fillets.

We proceed to the assembly of flowers. She is very simple. We place the shamrock with one petal straight up. Further, in the middle of the first part, we glue two round petals, with the legs in the center, and the workpieces themselves are sent to the sides.

Then, to give vividness to the flower, using the heat of the lighter, we make small waves at the edges of the petals.

And at the end we glue in the middle of the orchid a red, with dots detail. We have a bead up. Flowers are ready.

Now we will form the buds. We cut a wire of 10 cm and two pieces of 5 cm each. We roll the foil balls, trying on the size along the length of the buds of the bud. We glue the wire into the middle of the base of the foil.

For each bud we use 4 petals, they well cover the entire base of foil, from all sides. We consider that the green color will be located at the bottom of the bud.

And at the end we wrap the wire with a special adhesive tape. The buds are ready.

There are leaves. Take a green pastel in a tone darker than the blanks. Color one side.

And just two leaves fasten to the wire 7 cm long. We also process the stems with tape.

All details are ready and proceed to preparing the basis for the entire composition. Take a double-sided tape and attach it to the iron clip on one side where we will arrange the flowers. On the sharp edge, we cut off the excess material.

Then we remove the paper from the second side of the adhesive tape and press a green strip of suede on it. Such processing will reliably hold the entire decoration on the clip.

And proceed to the assembly. Let's start by connecting the buds. The first will be a part on a long stalk, to it below we fasten the second bud with adhesive tape. And we press the third blank even lower than the first.

Next, we place two leaves on the stems, we get a bouquet of buds.

Now it needs to be well glued to the prepared base. The first bud will be on the sharp edge of the clamp, and the stems should not be longer than the entire iron base.

Then we fix the remaining 4 leaves after the buds to an empty place, placing two on one side and the other. Preparing a place for flowers.

One glue near the buds.

And the second orchid is not very tight to the first flower. We leave a place for fingers on the wide edge of the clip, so that it is convenient to use when attaching to the hair.

Do not forget about the wrong side, which should also be neat. The decoration is ready.

Good luck to all!