Tricks of a compacted tomato pick

If the cultivation of tomato seedlings takes place not far from the garden, then there is no need to invent innovations. However, often plants have to be transported, and personal transport is not always possible for this. It is not difficult to grow tomato seedlings, but it is already more difficult to deliver it to the planting site in integrity.

Under such circumstances, compacted picks can be used. With their help we:

  • rational use of space on the windowsill;

  • we grow the right amount of seedlings, without additional areas, cups, soil;

  • we can safely transport seedlings by public transport;

  • We quickly and efficiently plant tomatoes in open ground without violating the integrity of the earth coma.

Space saving

In an apartment, it is quite difficult to grow a large amount of seedling material. Each spring for the gardener is accompanied by mental ordeals, what to sow and what not. After all, one wants to sow everything, and more. But, unfortunately, window sills are not dimensionless and have to abandon the crops of the desired varieties.

Having tried the proposed method once, you will see that you can rationally use the available space and not deny yourself the excesses.

Sowing tomatoes is carried out as always in a pot, or any other container. When the seedlings are ready to dive, and this is the stage of two real leaves as in the photo, you can start diving into individual pots.

Selection of dive tanks

Many vegetable growers try to choose a larger capacity, motivating them by the fact that during the growing season seedlings will develop a strong root system. However, the botanical features of the tomato are such that the entire stem, getting into the ground, grows roots. When growing seedlings, the main thing is not the root system, but the age of the seedlings, it is thanks to him that we “accelerate” fruiting by 60 days.

More experienced vegetable growers do not seek to plant seedlings in a large pot, but use 200 g cups, which is enough.

In our case, we will go even further and in one cup we will dive in two plants.

Since picking is not just seating on different capacities, but still working with the root system, you need to bite off the bottom of the spine.

Next, plant the plant closer to the walls of the cup.

Seedlings need to be pretty deepened. This will allow you to sprinkle the soil mixture, and the root ball will not grow in breadth, but over the entire height of the deepened stem. Thus, we will create a root system, and two plants will conquer their space.

Sign the landing. Even if you do not have many varieties, sign the cups, this will eliminate misunderstandings, especially if low and high varieties are grown. If you write the name of the variety is cumbersome, you can specify only a tall or low plant, denoting the two letters "H" and "B". It is better to carry out marking with a marker, it will not be washed off with water, and after using the glass, the inscription should be wiped with a solvent or alcohol.

Features of growing compacted seedlings

Special requirements are made to seedlings, and this is no exception. So that the tomato plant does not stretch out and is “thick”, it is necessary to clearly regulate the temperature and light conditions. Provide seedlings with a low temperature and high light, this will allow it to develop the root system and the vegetative evenly.

If the conditions of the apartment do not allow you to grow a lot of good seedlings up to 60 days of age, abandon the early crops. Sow some of the seeds later, and dive in two. Thus, you will have seedlings in the right amount. Seeds sown with a lag will soon catch up with the “pioneer” and provide an abundance of fruits.

Having resorted to such a trick, you can painlessly grow the right amount of seedlings and transfer it to the place of planting.