Features of sowing pepper

In the summer, walking along the market rows, we admire the harvest of Bulgarian and hot peppers grown by amateur gardeners, and pity our failures with regret. Meanwhile, any business can be learned, especially if you really want to.

Seed selection

There are no trifles in the process of growing pepper, absolutely everything is important. However, the sowing originates from the seed.

Arriving at a specialty store, we are delighted with the variety of color pictures on the bags, with the image of ripe, large and beautiful fruits.

If you pick up any of them, you must be aware that what is drawn may not correspond to reality. When packing, there is always a “human factor” and re-grading is quite possible.

The second factor not in favor of packaged seeds is the indicated germination period. Perplexed why peppers do not emerge, we do not even think about the fact that their germination depends on:

  • physiological maturity of the fetus;

  • drying conditions;

  • storage conditions;

  • conditions that are created for seedlings.

If the germination of melon seeds (watermelon, cucumber) is up to eight years, then pepper is not more than three. However, the manufacturer, or packer, stubbornly indicates four years.

Of course, this is a marketing move, but more simply - a fraud. Therefore, when purchasing seeds, it is especially necessary to carefully look at the date of packing.

Seed germination

Many beginner growers sow dry seeds, and then wait a long time for seedlings. With dry sowing, even if the temperature is maintained at about 30, seedlings will appear no earlier than 20 days later.

Experienced gardeners carry out wet germination. To do this, a napkin, toilet or filter paper is placed in the bowl, warm water is poured, and seeds are placed. Everything is wrapped in a plastic bag and installed in a warm place (on the battery, radiator, stove, etc.). The temperature can be controlled tactilely, simply with a hand on it, it should be very warm, but not hot.

If pepper seeds have good germination, then in 3 to 4 days a germ will appear. It makes no sense to despair if not all seeds have been hatched. The normal indicator for the germination of pepper seeds is considered to be 65 - 70%. Therefore, if 6 out of 10 showed vitality, this is normal.

Seeds and the lunar calendar

Novice gardeners complain that seed germination is poor due to the wrong day of sowing. The lunar calendar can not affect the germination of your seeds. If they are old, collected from unripe fruits, were stored at inappropriate temperature and humidity, then the night luminary cannot add germination energy to them.

To have your own opinion on this, wet the same seeds, but on different days on the calendar, and you will see that many other factors besides the Moon are important for germination.

Sowing dates

By the time of planting in open ground pepper seedlings should be 55-60 days old. However, if you grow it in individual containers and will be transplanted by transshipment, without destroying the earthen coma, the timing of the transplant does not matter much.

If seedlings are grown in a total capacity, and the transplant will be carried out without an earthen coma, then the period of 50-60 days is critical, and the pepper must be “younger” than this age.

It is a misconception that if there are buds and flowers on the seedlings, then there will be an early harvest. During the transplant period, the plant experiences stress and the flowers are not pollinated. Delayed with landing, you will lose the first fruits, and it will take time to restore potential.

Sowing seeds

If earlier gardeners harvested the soil mixture for sowing in the fall, now there is no need for this. Specialty stores sell universal soil mixes for seedlings. These soils are balanced, nutritious and disinfected. Using the prepared soil, you are guaranteed to have good shoots.

After filling the container, compact the soil. Spread on its surface only those seeds that have shown a “point” of growth. Cover the ground with 1 - 1.5 cm. Sprinkle warm water from the spray gun. Wrap in a plastic bag and place in a well-heated place. Pepper culture is heat-loving, to get fast seedlings need a temperature of about 30? FROM.

After 5 to 6 days, the pepper will rise. Now remove the bag and put the peppers in the brightest place, this will prevent stretching. During this period, the temperature should be lowered. Daytime between 19 - 22, and night 17 - 18 degrees.

When two real leaves are well developed on pepper, as in the photo, it will be ready for a pick.

Sowing and growing seedlings of peppers is not difficult, but each part of the technological chain has its own characteristics, the observance of which will guarantee success.