Making hairpins with flowers from foamiran

Not so long ago, new material appeared on the creative goods market. It is called foamiran, plastic suede, foam, leather, fom eva, faux suede. It looks like sheets of foam rubber of various thicknesses, velvety to the touch and very light.

The main advantage of a revision is its safety, the material can be used even in children's art. In addition, it is very plastic and has a "memory". If you give it the necessary shape during processing, it will save it. Products made of foamiran are quite light, durable, moisture resistant, do not crease. Dolls and toys are made of foam, used in scrapbooking and artificial floristry. Craftswomen make unique accessories for women: hairpins, brooches, wreaths with flowers, jewelry for weddings. Due to the above properties of foma, namely its plasticity, flowers from it look like alive, but at the same time they will never fade and will adorn a woman at any time of the year and in any weather.

Necessary materials

So, to create a hair clip with a flower made of plastic suede you will need:

• Pink and brown foam for making a flower. Green for leaves, sepals and piths. The thickness of the foamiran 0.8-1 mm;

• scissors;

• Thermogun with glue;

• Wooden skewer or toothpick;

• Iron;

• Paint for tinting petals;

• Accessories for hairpins;

• Super glue;

• Decor for decorating the finished product (optional).

All of these materials can be purchased at the needlework store.

Work stages

Nature created beautiful flowering plants. The masters of artificial floristry, imitating nature, try to create no less wonderful accessories that are as close as possible to real flowers. To begin to master this art, of course, you need something simple. For this, a gerbera flower is perfect. Gerbera - a flower similar to the sun. It is a symbol of joy and kindness. In addition, there is a legend about the forest nymph Coat of arms, which did not like the close attention of others, and she preferred to become a wild flower. Therefore, gerberas symbolize modesty.

The work of creating hairpins with artificial flowers from the revolver is divided into three stages:

1. Processing plastic suede;

2. Flower assembly;

3. Fastening the flower to the fittings.

Foamiran Processing

Processing consists of four steps: slicing, tinting, heat treatment and manual processing.

To make a gerbera, you need to take a foamiran of green and brown colors for the core and pink for the petals. It is necessary to take a strip of green foam 1.5 cm wide and 15 cm long and cut it with very frequent fringe, not reaching the edge of about 0.5 cm. The second strip of brown is also cut with a fringe, only larger. Its dimensions are 2 by 15 cm. From pink foamiran, you need to cut the petals 5 cm high and 1 cm wide according to this pattern. To create this flower you will need 30 petals. In addition, green leaves and sepals are needed. Their sizes are indicated on the pattern. It was by sorting out real fresh flowers into separate petals that the masters of artificial floristry created patterns for their creations. No need to make the petals perfectly identical, because each of them is unique in any flower.

When the foamiran is sliced, it needs to be tinted. To do this, you need any paint. In this case, acrylic is used. In gerbera flowers, the petals near the core have a lighter shade. With yellow paint you need to gently tint about a third of the petal and smoothly blend it. This is best done with a sponge or a damp cloth wound around your finger. Gerbera flowers also have small veins on the petals, they can be made using any sharp object, for example, toothpicks or manicure scissors.

Next, you need to process all the prepared parts with an iron. To do this, a strip of green Thomas, cut by a fringe, should be attached to the iron, included in the wool mode (**). In this case, it will become a little darker, and its edge will begin to curl. The second strip should be treated in the same way. Sliced ​​and tinted petals one at a time, it is better with tweezers (so as not to burn yourself), lean against the iron for a few seconds. After that, the petal itself will take the desired shape: it will slightly stretch and acquire a smooth bend. Green leaves need to be applied to the surface of the iron for a few seconds, and then twisted, like a candy wrapper, and slightly straightened with your hands. Do the same operation with the sepals. This completes the preparation of the foamiran.

Flower assembly

On a wooden skewer, wind the green strip in the form of a roll tightly, sticking it where necessary. Screw the second strip over the green. It turns out the core of the flower. Then the product is turned over and the petals are glued. The first row, then the second and third in a checkerboard pattern. So that all empty places are filled. Following this, the sepals and green leaves are glued. The finished flower has a size of about 10-11 cm.

Fastening a flower to fittings

In this master class, the flower will be attached to a 12 cm long hairpin-duck. In general, there can be any accessories. The principle of fastening is the same for everyone. To mask the mounting location, you need to cut a circle of suitable diameter from the green foma. A flower is glued to the fittings. It is better to use superglue. On the underside, the attachment point is masked with a green circle. The product takes a neat appearance.

The hairpin with unfading gerbera flower is ready. She will decorate the hairstyle of any woman, making her unique.