Souvenir "Misha" master class

Souvenir using coffee primer.

To make such a bear, take the materials:

- sewing machine.

- dense white cotton fabric.

- a needle with a thread.

- acrylic paints.

- pins for sewing with heads.

- a pencil.

- black helium pen.

- scissors.

- brushes for painting.

- some cardboard.

- filler for toys.

- brown yarn.

- PVA glue.

- instant coffee.

Let's get to work with the bear. We draw a pattern. There will be two main details. The toy should stand with a round bottom. And of course, the bear needs a keg of honey.

We cut out these patterns and apply them to the fabric. We pre-arrange it in two layers for the convenience of cutting. Circle with a pencil and cut out with an allowance from the contour.

We get two blanks together. Now the main thing is to sew correctly. The first two lines will go along the wavy lines that symbolize the middle of the toy. The lines go from the middle of the crown to the bottom, the bottom of the toy. And when the line is laid, we retreat only 2 - 3 mm from it and cut off the excess fabric. Now, for convenience, you need to attach patterns to stitched blanks only on the other side in mirror image. And when the stitched part is opened in one layer, we get a workpiece with a seam in the middle and two legs on the sides.

We got the front and back. The front part should be wider in volume. A circled outline on both sides will help in the future to correctly assemble the entire bear together. We attach the parts with the front sides together and combine all the bends evenly. You can simply sweep a needle with thread along the outer contours. Or use sewing pins to sew stitches. And carefully make a line along the drawn line, without touching the bottom of the toy.

When stitched, you need to turn out all the details on the front side. It turns out a blank of a toy with an un sewn bottom, through which we will fill the toy. Well twist the legs, ears.

One nuance must be taken into account when filling. We fill the paws only from the bottom to the middle, so that it is possible to bend them. And we compact the rest of the body, not to the stony state, but tightly. Then, with a pencil on the front side, mark 0.8 cm for the hem from the edge of the fabric.

Now you need to close the bottom and for this, we cut out a circle from cardboard according to the template, and cut the fabric to it in one layer wider than the bottom by 1 cm. Then, with a needle and thread, we collect the fabric in a circle, insert a cardboard inside and tighten the thread tightly.

It remains only to sew this part into place. We unfold the prepared part with folds inside the toy, and with the needle we make stitches along the edge of the circle and along the planned line along the body. We close all irregularities in the middle of the bear. If you need additional filling, you should leave a very small hole, add packing, and then just sew it up.

As a result, the toy should stand well.

Now make the barrel. From the fabric we cut two strips 4 x 2.5 cm in size and 2 circles, 3 cm in diameter.

Sew the sides and fasten the bottom and cover. The lid itself is not immediately sewn all over, we leave room for filling. And when the barrel is ready, we just sew it all up neatly.

Now we turn to the primer of the finished products. You will need a small container in which we add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee and half a stack of warm water. Stir thoroughly, add a slightly smaller amount of glue than water and again dissolve everything well. And the resulting solution will cover the product. We make loops for hanging from the thread, paint and give time for complete drying. When the bear dries, it turns light brown.

Now with a pencil you need to outline the shape of the vest and the details of the face. We determine the shoulders of the bear, outline the edge of the vest. We leave a place for the neck, the rest will be the head to the ears. We divide this distance in half, and here will be the location of the nose, which is not so small. Further above the nose we have round eyes, and below we outline an oval beard and a small mouth. On the inside of the paws we draw a round palm and fingers.

Now we pass to coloring. Take the brown dye that needs to be processed on the ears, the bottom of the paws around the eyes and nose. Using a brush, we make smooth transitions throughout the body. With a clean wet brush, we wash off the rough contours. Around the vest, we paint the same blackout in a brown tone. The middle and bottom of the toy remain unaffected.

When the first coat of paint has dried, add a light brown color to the circles of the paws and the beard of the bear.

Further, with white paint, we completely make a vest and eye circles. And we dry everything again.

And with black acrylic paint the nose and pupils in the eyes. Also add the mouth.

Now we pass to the second half of the body. The bear will stand in a clearing with flowers. The first layer of light green paint covers the bottom and above to the middle of the body. And for a smooth transition to a brown tone, draw thin blades of grass up. Only after the next drying we draw white daisies of different sizes and across the field.

Now we will plant blue and yellow flowers on our field. But if there is still free, then with dark green paint you can paint on leaves, grass.

Further on a completely dry toy we will paint small details with a black pen. Let's start with the head. We circle white eyes, paint eyelashes and eyebrows. We draw a beard and draw small fibers along the contour, put a mustache - dots. Then we pass the handle along the entire contour of the vest. Ahead we draw a button, a pocket and small decorations. On the back we make one piece of jewelry. We make small strokes on our palms. We turn to the flowers. We circle large daisies, and they immediately come to the fore in a clearing. In conclusion, we make white dots on the nose and pupils.

Next we take the barrel, we pass along the seams with brown paint and write the word "honey" in white.

It remains to sew this keg to the arm and body tightly. And the souvenir is ready.

Good luck to all!