Brooch "Spikelet of tricolor" from St. George ribbon

Before you begin, you must prepare:

  • - a satin ribbon of blue, red and white shades, each at least 25 mm wide.

  • - scissors.

  • - thermal gun.

  • - basis for a brooch.

  • - tweezers.

  • - St. George ribbon 2.5 cm wide.

  • - ruler.

  • - white beads with a diameter of 5 mm.

  • - lighter.

Creation of a brooch.

The decoration consists of two separate blanks, spikelet and eyelet. First you need to make a three-color spikelet. This will require satin ribbons in three shades: blue, white and red.

Of these ribbons, you should prepare segments, each 5.5 cm long. As a result, you get 7 parts: 2 blue, 2 red and 3 white.

Now you need to make blanks from each segment. To do this, place the rectangular part upside down and bend it exactly in the center at an angle of 45 degrees.

You get a small fold line, which also needs to be bent in half. As a result, the cut lines of this segment are connected at one point, and the part turns out to be double with an angle pointed at the top.

Holding the combined slices with your fingers, they must be folded in several small folds and clamped with tweezers in this position.

The edge of the tape must be cut a little with scissors to align. Then the slice must be scorched strongly by fire to solder the layers of the tape and fix the edge of the part in the desired position.

It turns out here is such a petal for the future spikelet.

From each prepared segment, you must create the same workpiece.

Now the petals need to be connected using glue in pairs, in accordance with the color.

The remaining one white petal needs to be attached between the parts glued together, of the same color, but on the wrong side.

All parts are ready, you can connect the spikelet together. The red pair of parts needs to be combined with the blue pair, slightly overlapping the edges.

Then the blue petals must be glued over the white parts.

The result is a spikelet of ribbons of three shades corresponding to the colors of the flag of Russia. The spikelet is ready, you need to remove it to the side. Now you need a St. George ribbon 18.5 cm long.

Slices of this tape must be cut with a zigzag.

Then, both edges should be carefully scorched, being careful not to deform the tape.

After this, stepping back from the edge of the tape 4 cm, you need to make a mark for further orientation.

Then the second edge of the St. George ribbon should be applied over this mark, crossing them.

At the intersection of the two edges of the tape, you need to put a little glue to fix their location. The result is a neat loop.

Next, you need a spikelet, it must be attached on top of the prepared eyelet of St. George's ribbon. It should be placed under a slight slope to the right.

Having unfolded the blank, in the center of the loop of the St. George ribbon, the metal base of the brooch should be glued.

It remains to supplement the spikelet with white half beads located at the points of intersection of the petals. In total, 3 pieces will be required.

The brooch is ready!