How to convert a men's t-shirt into a women's

A regular T-shirt is considered unisex clothing. This clothing is worn by both sexes. It is comfortable, as it is made of natural fabrics, comfortable for playing sports, and it will always come in handy in everyday life.

But girls often want to look more feminine even in sportswear. In this case, an ordinary men's t-shirt can be turned into a women's! That's just what you need: change the neck, make the silhouette fit, and tighten the sleeves.

Perhaps someone will say that in such manipulations it makes no sense that now in the store you can easily buy a women's t-shirt for any figure, but “remaking” is also an exciting hobby. And it often happens like this: a husband was given a t-shirt to her husband (brother, dad), but that one did not fit in size. New clothes and throw a pity and no one to wear. In this case, such "alterations" come to the rescue.

Supporting materials and mechanisms

To remake from a men's t-shirt to a female, you will need:

  • scissors;

  • threads in tone t-shirt;

  • sewing machine;

  • tailor pins;

  • remnant;

  • needle.

Operating procedure

1. We try on the initial version of the T-shirt, outline the depth and shape of the future neck with a remnant. Here the neckline will be semicircular. It gives the image more femininity and looks more natural. Cut off the excess with sharp scissors.

2. A silhouette will help change the side seams. We carry them along with the seams of the sleeves. First, we outline the line of the future line with tailor's pins (or you can lay a basting with a needle). We start from the edge of the sleeve, follow through the armhole, smoothly reduce the line to zero to the side seam. If the shirt is wide and at the hips, then you should continue the seam to the bottom of the product. After trying on, if the result suits, cut off the excess and lay the machine line.

3. It remains to process the neck. In this case, both machine and manual stitching is suitable. In this case, a blind seam is used. For him we take a sharp needle and thread with the tone of the product.

Now the product is well-ironed, and our "rework" is ready!

As a result, after very simple manipulations, we got from the standard T-shirt a more feminine version with narrowed sleeves and a fitted silhouette.