Bead tree - an original souvenir

There are several different techniques for weaving trees. The scheme chosen for future crafts belongs to the category of complex ones. But this does not mean at all that the task is difficult. Even a novice in this business will easily create his first unique craft.

To get started, you will need:

  • 20 grams of red beads (it will turn out prettier if you combine 10 grams of beads of different colors, but not contrasting with each other);

  • 40 grams of green beads (in this case, one tone is presented);

  • a coil of wire 0.3 mm thick;

  • scissors;

  • ruler;

  • building gypsum (or any other cementitious mixture);

  • piece of foil;

  • CD;

  • acrylic paint;

  • brush;

  • sparkles to decorate the finished product.

Undoubtedly, you will have to stock up on patience and free time and you can begin to work.

1. To begin with, cut a piece of wire 70 cm long and string three beads, twist the loop exactly in the middle.

2. Next, bend one side of the wire to the side and dial 5 beads.

3. Twist the loop, leaving a “leg” several millimeters long and stretch the same end of the wire in the opposite direction.

4. Again, collect 5 beads and twist the loop with the “leg”. Take the second end of the wire, dial 5 beads, twist the third loop.

5. Similarly, the fourth loop is twisted from the second end of the wire (they are all located on the same level). Twist the two edges together, a kind of transition to the next level of loops is formed.

6. The loops of the second row consist of 7 beads, and the third - of 9. The remaining edges of the wire are tightly twisted, a tree trunk will be formed from them. Such branches will need 27 pieces.

7. We turn to weaving leaflets. Bend a piece of wire 70 cm long in half, dial 7 beads, twist a loop.

8. The weaving of the leaf is formed in two directions, for each there corresponds its own end of the wire. After the first single loop, two opposite beads of 7 each, torsion, two by 11, torsion, again two by 11, torsion, two by 7, torsion, two by 5. are recruited. 45 pieces of these should be twisted.

9. Now you need to distribute the leaves on the branches. For one small bunch, you need three branches connected to the leaves as follows: two branches have two leaves, and one has one.

10. Three small beams are combined into one large.

11. Three large beams twist together. Such parts should be 3 pieces (photo 11).

12. Twist the three blanks into a single whole.

13. Prepare a foil mold.

14. Fill the mold with gypsum dissolved in water, thread the “trunk” of the tree through the holes of the gypsum, lower it into the mold, form the crown base from the mixture, wait a few hours until it solidifies completely, cover with acrylic and sprinkle with sequins.