DIY tambourine bag

The tambourine bag is now again at the peak of popularity. In hippie times, she was almost a cult thing. Now you can buy any bag, but a hand-sewn thing is always better than the purchased one. How to sew such a handbag?

It is necessary to prepare:

  • main tissue;

  • lining fabric;

  • flesilin;

  • sintepon single, preferably on fabric;

  • lightning.

And sew like this:

1. Prepare a pattern that is most convenient to do with a compass or with any round thing that fits your radius.

2. First cut the circles with the lining fabric. If everything worked out well, make similar circles already with the main tissue and phlesylin.

3. Apply glue side to the seamy side of the fleesilin and go over it with a hot iron, connecting both fabrics, as in the photo.

4. Assemble a “sandwich” from the base, seal, lining fabric. Amass in the center so that the fabrics do not mix during processing.

5. Cut strips from the lining fabric, which will replace the oblique inlay. Amass one strip along the edge of the circle from the wrong side, stitch as in the photo.

Wrap on the front side and stitch so as to get into the line that went along the wrong side.

6. Start processing the zipper from the sides. For this, a strip of main fabric treated with flezilin. Attach a strip of seamy fabric, make money on the front side of the zipper, as in the photo.

Sew and iron on the front side.

Immediately lay a line on the facial tissue, as close as possible in the zipper.

7. To process the edges of the sewn stripes with an oblique inlay, as in the photo.

8. Trim the zipper, sew the folded piece of fabric in one layer. Stitch.

9. Cut a strip from the main fabric, connect it with a zipper, as shown in the photo.

To process edges with an oblique inlay.

10. Check the length of the strip with a zipper in a circle, sew.

11. Sew the strip with circles on the wrong side by hand.

First, a seam, then the reverse. When sewing the second circle, do not forget to open the zipper so that afterwards you can easily turn the bag out.

12. Sew a strip of fabric on both sides of the sides, into which to skip the chain replacing the handle. Done.