Curd Easter with Chocolate Top

In the monastery’s old books and home cooking books, many recipes for the festive Easter cheese - “thickened milk” are stored. Any of them can be strictly observed or used as a source of inspiration. The simplest version does not contain eggs and does not require baking. It can be changed a little. For example, add cocoa. Weave honey and chocolate flavors in a festive treat.

For this Easter we needed:

  • Fat cottage cheese.

  • Thick sour cream.

  • Honey.

  • Peeled walnuts.

  • Turkish delight (small pieces).

  • Seedless raisins.

  • Cocoa Powder

  • Sugar.

  • Colored sugar stars for decoration.

If there is no special form intended for the preparation of cottage cheese Easter, do not refuse this festive dish. You can give the desired shape to the curd with the help of another container. It is best if there are enough holes in it. Excess fluid will flow through them, preventing Easter from “thickening”.

The form must be lined with a layer of gauze. Then, pulling the edges, you can easily extract the finished Easter, wrapped in it.

If the curd is fine-grained, additional grinding may not be necessary. But, large pieces are better to grind.

To the crushed curd, add sour cream. She will give the finished dish a delicate texture.

In this case, honey was taken as a natural flavoring of the white part of Easter.

Easter must be sweet. Therefore, you need to put sugar in it.

All this needs to be very well stirred, ground.

It is better to start preparing the chocolate layer by dissolving the cocoa powder in sour cream. To do this, it is important to carefully dry the dry powder in a small portion of sour cream.

You should get a homogeneous chocolate “cream”. It can also not be aromatized in any way. Natural cocoa flavor will be enough.

In a sour cream with cocoa, put a portion of cottage cheese mixed with sugar. In this case, the chocolate layer will be less sweet. So the characteristic bitter taste and aroma of chocolate will be brighter.

Stir the cottage cheese and chocolate mixture until completely homogeneous. If it seems unsweetened, too bitter, you can pour a little more sugar into it.

To the separation of the colored layers remained clear down the form you need to put a chocolate layer. It is important that the cocoa stained whey does not change the white color of the rest of Easter.

The dark layer is important to align well. On how smooth its surface will turn out, directly depends on how smooth the boundary of the layers on the cut will be.

Traditionally, various additives are added to the curd Easter. Nuts and candied fruits may be hard. Therefore, if Easter is being prepared for people who have problems with their teeth, you can replace them with bright soft Turkish delight. All this must be evenly mixed into the white curd mass.

Now you can spread a wide white layer on top of a narrow chocolate. Then, in the finished dish, they will create a wonderful flavor. In it, aromatic chocolate bitterness will tint the sweetness of the white, honeyed part of Easter.

Fully filled form must be crushed by oppression. This will help the whey to quickly drain out of future Easter. To do this, you can first put a small saucer on top of the gauze.

It is more convenient to put a jar of water on it, which will serve as oppression. Carefully refrigerate this entire structure. She can be left there until the next morning.

The easter taken out of the refrigerator should take the form of the vessel in which it is located.

To remove it from the form without damaging, you just need to gently grab the ends of the gauze. And carefully put on the prepared plate.

Now you can remove the gauze.

And turn Easter over with a dark layer.

On a chocolate background, colored decorations made from sugar stars look great. They can put the traditional letters "XB" on the upper plane of Easter. Of the stars you can make multi-colored crosses on its sides. In this case, walnuts became an additional decoration of the base of Easter.