How to make a volumetric figure

When the birthday of the beloved baby is approaching, all the parents try to prepare all kinds of gifts and treats for their crumbs. For the celebration to take place in a festive atmosphere, mothers and fathers decorate the apartment with balls, photographs and other attributes of the celebration.

Volumetric figures for a child’s birthday are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to decorate an apartment for the holiday, prepare for a photo shoot and simply please the baby. However, not every parent knows how to make such a figure on their own.

Work on creating a deuce can be divided into two stages: creating a frame and decorating a number.

How to make a frame-basis of a deuce?

In order to make a frame, you will need:

  • large cardboard box

  • wide tape

  • paper-based masking tape,

  • ruler, marker,

  • stationery knife, scissors.

First you need to draw the number two on the box. Try to carefully draw all the corners. When the drawing is ready, it needs to be cut. Since it is very difficult to cut thick cardboard with scissors, it will be better and more convenient to use a stationery knife. Then you should make a copy of the deuce, laying the foundation on cardboard. As a result, you should get two cardboard figures.

To make the two look voluminous, you need to cut a few more cardboard elements and use tape to connect them with two numbers.

The frame is ready.

It is known that flowers from napkins will not be attached to ordinary scotch tape. In order to make the decoration process easier, you should glue all the joints with tape on a paper basis. Tape the frame of the two with napkins of the color you like using PVA glue.

How to decorate a volumetric figure?

There are many ways to decorate a volumetric figure. Some prefer to use corrugated paper for decoration, others choose felt. There are those who like flowers from napkins.

In order to decorate a voluminous two with roses from napkins, you will need:

  • several packs of napkins of any color,

  • PVA glue,

  • stapler

  • scissors,

  • cardboard circle.

The easiest way to make a flower from napkins.

1. Take three four-folded napkins. Place a medium-sized circle cut out of cardboard on top of them. Cut along the contour.

2. Fasten all the resulting circles from napkins with a stapler in the center.

3. Now you need to disconnect the top layer of the paper towel and crush it, then the second and so on. Crumple each layer individually, trying to maximize the pressure from the bottom. As a result, you should get a rose. You will need a lot of such flowers.

Ponder the design of the deuce. It can be made in one color or in a combination of several colors, you can come up with some unusual pattern, or you can simply alternate roses of different colors.

Decorating a number with flowers is necessary not only in front, but also on the sides. This will visually increase the size of the two and give it additional volume.

Volume 2 is ready.

Your baby will definitely like it and will become the main decoration of the celebration, captured on memorable photos during the celebration of the birthday of your two-year-old.