Bright bow with flower for hair

To create a bow with a flower you will need:

- elastic for medium hair.

- Ribbon from satin of lilac and pink shades, at least 50 mm wide.

- Ready-made stamens of green and pink colors.

- cabochon with a diameter of 12 mm.

- silver rhinestones with a diameter of 3 mm.

- scissors.

- satin ribbon of green and lilac tones, 25 mm wide.

- lighter.

- thread with a needle for manual work.

- ruler.

- thermal gun.

Creating a bow.

The decoration consists of a bow and a flower. Each of them must be created separately. Better to start with making a flower. First you need to prepare the same details from wide ribbons of lilac and pink shades, with sides 50x50 mm. In total, such blanks will need 6 lilac and 4 pink.

From them you need to make even petals. Taking one blank in hand, it must be turned face up.

Then bend it diagonally, while dividing in half.

Now the two sides of the slices should be folded and held with your fingers in this position.

The edges were a little uneven, so you need to cut them with scissors.

Now this edge must be strongly fused with fire to fix the folds.

The result is an oval petal.

Further from the remaining blanks you need to make the same details.

Now they need to be connected, pink petals in pairs, and lilac in three pieces.

From the resulting blanks, two flowers should be collected by combining the lilac and pink petals together. As a result, one flower should turn out with 5 petals.

Next, they will need leaflets for them. To do this, it is necessary to prepare segments of 6 cm long from a green ribbon. In total, 20 pieces will be required.

All leaflets need to be created separately. Having picked up the first segment, it should be deployed with the front side towards you.

Then fold it in half, covering the front side inside. The fold line must be left closer to you.

Now from the edge of the bend and towards the upper corner, the part must be cut diagonally, dividing it in half.

Continuing to hold the part with your fingers, in a new cut, it must be carefully treated with fire, while soldering two layers of green ribbon. The resulting blank must be turned out.

Get a pointed leaf. From the remaining segments it is necessary to make the same leaves. Finished leaves can be pushed to the side and continue working with flowers. Further stamens of pink and green shades will be required. They should be combined with glue in small bouquets consisting of 4 green and 3 pink stamens. Such bouquets will need 4 pieces.

They should be attached 2 pieces to the flowers, located on the bottom side.

Now the leaves can be attached to the flowers. They need to be glued in two rows. The first level consists of 5 leaves. They should be attached between the petals.

In the second row, the leaves must be fixed directly under the petals, but slightly pushed forward.

The result is a flower surrounded by leaves. Using the remaining leaves, repeating the entire sequence, decorate the second flower.

Now you need to make a bow. This will require a narrow ribbon. They should be prepared with pieces of length of 20 cm.

For two bows they will need 6 pieces. First, the slices of all long segments must be scorched.

Then their edges need to be combined, slightly overlapping one on the other, getting a circle as a result.

Now, with a needle and thread, the folded ribbon must be sewn in the middle.

Having pulled the thread along the seam, the tape is gathered in folds, and having made the fastening, the thread can be cut off. It turns out a small bow, the same must be made from all prepared long segments.

Taking two of these bows, they need to be sewn together. And do this de action with another pair of bows.

The remaining two blanks need to be attached on top of double bows, combining the middle.

It turns out beautiful and lush bows. Ready flowers are left on their middle.

On the bottom side of the bows you need to attach elastic bands corresponding to the color of the decoration.

Having turned the bows back, two rhinestones should be attached to the flower petals, and the centers should be closed with a cabochon.

The result is two beautiful bows!