5 best natural dyes for easter eggs

If you want to make Easter paints, it is not necessary to resort to chemical dyes. In every kitchen there are available ingredients that will color the eggs in bright and saturated colors.

Blue - Red Cabbage

Red cabbage gives a beautiful blue tint. But it is worth spending a little time, since the color does not appear immediately, but only after the solution has cooled.

  • 80 g of red cabbage,

  • 250 ml of water

  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar (9%).

Grind red cabbage. Pour the cabbage with cold water. Place the egg in the resulting solution. Add vinegar. Cook the egg until cooked. Leave the boiled egg in the solution until it cools completely.

Red, pink - beetroot

Beetroot stains the egg in shades of pink. But there is one subtlety - in no case should you cook the solution.

  • 200 g of fresh beets,

  • 250 ml of water

  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar (9%).

Grind beets on a grater. Pour in water and add vinegar to the resulting solution. Dip the already boiled egg into the container so that it is completely covered with the solution. Leave on for at least 30 minutes.

Green - Nettle

Nettle gives a beautiful light green hue. When staining eggs, you need to use only dry nettle, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. Boiling fresh stalks and nettle leaves, you, unfortunately, will not get a solution of the desired color.

  • 15 g dried nettle,

  • 250 ml of water.

Pour the crushed dried nettle into a deep container. Place the egg there and pour in the indicated amount of water. Simmer for 6 minutes. Leave the egg in the solution to cool completely.

Brown - Coffee

The coffee solution quickly and evenly stains the eggs in chocolate color. The result can be observed already when boiling water.

  • 15 g ground coffee,

  • 250 ml of water.

Pour ground coffee into a saucepan. Pour in water and place the egg in the solution. Cook until cooked. You can immediately remove the egg from the solution or leave it to cool completely to get a darker and more saturated color.

Yellow - Turmeric

Turmeric gives a velvety and bright yellow color, which manifests itself immediately when water boils. To achieve a more saturated color, do not remove the eggs from the solution immediately after preparation.

  • 15 g of turmeric

  • 250 ml of water.

Pour turmeric powder into a deep container. Place the egg there and fill with water. Cook on low heat. Leave the boiled egg in the solution for 30 minutes.