Easter bird and easter bunny

On the eve of the holiday of Easter, I had an idea about what can be done before the holiday, except for traditional Easter cakes and egg painting, for decoration. And it occurred to me to make a toy Easter bunny, a bird and an openwork cross that could bring a pleasant change to life.

For their manufacture, I took a blue fabric, threads, frills, pinning needles, filler (cotton), blue and red rhinestones, cardboard, yellow and pink nail polish, and also a folder - a folder, paper tape, scissors, reliable glue, two white beads, transparent beads and blue fabric.

Starting work, I cut out paper samples of future toys, which a little later will need to be divided into separate parts. These parts will need to be pinned to a blue fabric and cut out details with a slight indentation (from 0.5 cm.):

Next, I take paper samples from the fabric and divide the bird’s torso into two parts, after which I cut out two parts from the cardboard to make the beak:

After that, I sew four parts of the body of the toy, forming two sides, and paint the details of the beak with varnish.

I paint one side of the beak details (upper) with yellow varnish, and the other (lower) with pink. You can take nail polish:

When the varnish dries, it will be possible to sew both parts of the body by inserting the details of the beak. Then it will be possible to stitch the wings, leaving them not stitched together small sections in order to later turn the crafts out of the wrong side.

After the work with sewing the bird is completed, I will start sewing the rabbit.

I also sew the details of the toy rabbit with a slight indentation. During the work, I sew the details of his ears to the head, and the details of the paws to the torso:

Next, I turn the parts from the inside out and glue blue crystals as the eyes to the heads of the crafts. For a rabbit, I choose one red rhinestone as my nose and embroider pink floss with thread in my mouth. After that, I will fill both crafts with cotton:

When both crafts are filled with cotton, I will take fringed fabric:

Having sewn the cotton-filled details of the paws, I attach them to the rabbit, after which I divide the fringed fabric into two parts and sew it to the toys:

In order for the fringed fabric to maintain its position on the craft, it can be hemmed to the fabric of the craft itself:

Next, I sew a thin strip of blue synthetic fabric along the length of the neck of the toy rabbit:

Now I sew the head with the torso of a toy and sew a thin strip to her neck. The second thin strip will be needed for the toy in order to support one of its ears:

Taking on the Easter bird, I sew her wings:

After that, I sew up a hole to the toy bird through which cotton wool was introduced into it.

When a white bead is sewn to the rabbit, and frills and wings are attached to the bird, they will look together like this:

For the bird, it will also be necessary to make a thin strip of blue fabric with a bead, but for now I have set to making an openwork figure of a cross.

To make it, I take a blue sheet from the old folder - the folder and cut it into many thin strips:

I glue these strips in the form of petals using paper tape:

Creating the shapes of openwork petals, I make 4 large figures, 4 "medium" and 8 small ones, which a little later, forming the shape of a cross, I glue with a reliable glue:

Next, I cut a small part from the magnetic plate to stick it to the cross. From the plate, I separate the paper surface with the image, leaving a small layer of paper so that the magnet can be more reliably glued to the parts of the figure wrapped with paper tape:

Now I glue the magnet to the cross figure with a reliable glue.

Such a small piece of magnet is enough to keep the figure well on an iron surface:

After that, I sew a thin strip of blue fabric for a toy bird and decorate this strip with a bead. To the figure of the cross, you can optionally glue rhinestones for decoration:

After that, both of my Easter crafts will be ready:

Sincerely, Vorobyov Dinara.