Elastic band for hair "Terry aster"

To make this hair jewelry you will need:

- a dark blue elastic band for hair.

- a circle of their purple felt with a diameter of 4.8 cm.

- lighter.

- Three shades of satin ribbon 25 mm wide: lilac, fuchsia and purple.

- scissors.

- thermal gun with spare silicone core.

- ruler.

- lilac cabochon with a diameter of 12 mm.

Creating a flower.

The flower consists of two rows of petals. Each row is assembled from separate petals. And all the petals consist of several layers of three different shades of ribbons.

Start creating petals should be with the preparation of all the necessary segments of the tapes. Each shade of ribbons will have a different length.

  • Lilac ribbon - 4.5 cm,

  • Fuchsia ribbon - 5.5 cm,

  • Purple ribbon - 6.5 cm.

The result should be 18 segments of each shade of ribbons. Then from the obtained blanks it is necessary to make the petals. To do this, take one piece in hand and turn it face up.

Now it must be folded, dividing in half its length.

The resulting bend must be pressed with your fingers to make the line sharper and more even. Then the right corner should be wrapped to the center of this line.

Holding the corner with your finger, you need to repeat the action on the other side.

It turned out a pointed tip. On it from the wrong side, it is necessary to apply a drop of glue.

And immediately bend to the inside and press with your fingers until the glue has cooled.

On the front side, the petal will look like in the photo.

The lower sections temporarily remain untreated. Of all the other segments, you need to make similar blanks, only their sizes and shades will differ.

When all the parts are ready, you can begin to assemble the petals.

Petals for a flower consist of several layers, so they need to be connected gradually. First you need a purple blank. It must be placed with the slices down.

Then on it you need to impose a detail of fuchsia color. It is necessary to combine the lower sections. The result is a small distance between the top of the workpieces, equal to 3 mm.

And the final layer will be a blank of lilac tape, a slice of which must also be combined with the rest. It turns out the transition from dark to light.

Holding all the layers together, you should bend the slices in half, leaving a purple ribbon in the inside of the part.

Having eliminated possible irregularities with scissors, the slices must be scorched to completely melt each of their layers.

It turns out a multilayer tricolor petal.

For terry aster such petals will need 18 pieces. They need to be done similarly to the first petal.

Now the details can begin to combine. For the first row you will need 7 parts that need to be glued together, placing the glue on their side.

From 7 petals you get a neat circle, which you can temporarily postpone, continuing to work with the rest of the petals.

Next, you need a circle of felt, it will serve as the basis for the flower.

Gently applying glue to the lower edge of the petals, they must be gradually attached along the edge of the circle.

Leaving a uniform distance between the petals, you must attach them all to the base.

The second row of flower is ready. Next, you need a deferred flower. Its lower part should be greased with glue and attached to the center of the second row of petals.

On the inside of the flower, focusing on the center of the felt circle, it is necessary to fix the elastic band for the hair using a little glue.

On the front side, the middle of the first row of petals must be closed by attaching a lilac cabochon.

The elastic for hair with terry aster is ready.