Hoop art cross stitch design

The best gift is a handmade gift, isn't it? This master class examined a wonderful way to make such a gift yourself using the Hoop-art technique, which will surely appeal to both beginner needlewomen and skilled craftswomen.

So, to do the work you will need:

1. Canvas. You can choose any size and color of the canvas. The main rule - the smaller the cells, the more accurate the embroidery will look and the more the picture will fit in a limited area. The color of the canvas is better to choose in accordance with the planned design.

2. The scheme for embroidery. On the Internet, you can now find a huge number of patterns, choose the one that suits the chosen topic. In this case, the gift is intended for the newborn girl, so the picture is chosen with pink flowers and a turquoise bow. In the middle there is a place for an inscription.

3. The hoop. It is important to choose a hoop, starting from the size of the canvas and the selected pattern. It is necessary to correlate the number of cells on the diagram and on the canvas and determine the size of future embroidery. In order to make it easier to do this, you can draw the canvas into 10 * 10 squares using a special water-soluble marker for the fabric. Also consider the shape of the picture. The hoop can be purchased in various shapes and sizes, both round, and square or oval.

4. Threads for embroidery. Threads can be used of any quality and any company. The main thing is that all of them from the same series do not differ in structure. You need to choose colors in accordance with the scheme. Most often, there is indicated not only the name of the flowers and the amount necessary for work, but also recommendations on the choice of the manufacturer with the indication of the articles.

5. Auxiliary materials: cardboard, suitable for the color of the canvas, pencil, Moment glue - are necessary for the design of the work.

The first step is to cut a piece of canvas of the right size with an indent of 5 centimeters, or more, to make it convenient. You can work with canvas as in the acquired hoop, and without them.

After the embroidery is transferred to the canvas, it needs to be washed to remove dirt or the applied marker. While the embroidery dries, you can do its design. First you need to cut out 2 circles of cardboard. The size of the first should correspond to the inner diameter of the hoop, the size of the second to the outer.

The dried embroidery must be gently stroked through 2 layers of the brand or a thin cloth, and then pulled to the hoop.

A smaller cardboard circle needs to be inserted from the back of the embroidery.

It will add density to the fabric and allow the pattern to look brighter.

The edges of the embroidery need to be collected at the back and attached to the cardboard with glue.

The second piece of cardboard will serve to hide these edges.

This method of embroidery design will save time and money - it is much cheaper than design in a baguette workshop, and it will take no more than 15 minutes.


Creative success!