Topiary of sisal and money

Topiary, or the tree of happiness, is increasingly seen in the interior. Firstly, it is very beautiful, and secondly, it brings good to the house - its top is made in the shape of a ball, and it symbolizes from ancient times the sun, which was a symbol of unity, infinity and constant movement.

You can buy such a tree in a souvenir shop or make it yourself - this is how you can save money and make it in the right color and desired size. You can make a topiary for yourself, but you can give it. In this master class, it will be shown how to make a tree from available materials, as well as how interesting it is to give money by decorating the crown of the topiary with it.

To perform the topiary, you will need:

  • foam ball (diameter about 7 cm);

  • unnecessary pen;

  • orange sisal;

  • tape tape;

  • green beads;

  • narrow ribbon of green color;

  • green foamiran;

  • a flower pot or an empty bottle of shower gel;

  • glue or hot glue gun with a rod;

  • fake and real bills;

  • alabaster;

  • lighter or matches.

Take the old pen. Wrap it with tape. You can glue it in several places for stronger fixation.

Make a hole in the foam ball, put glue into it and stick the resulting barrel in, let it dry.

Roll balls the size of a walnut from sisal.

Depending on the resulting size and diameter of the foam base, 20-30 pieces will be needed.

Glue the sisal balls onto the foam, applying them to each other as tightly as possible.

Now take a flower pot or cut off the top from an old bottle of shower gel or liquid soap.

Dilute the alabaster with water to the consistency of thick sour cream.

Pour into a pot, set the barrel and wait until it dries.

Next, you need to hide the frozen alabaster. You can close it with sisal or money. To do this, cut the fake bills into different pieces and glue them on the alabaster.

Now proceed to decorate the topiary. Take a foamiran, cut them out of it a cloth of such a size that they could fit a pot.

Tie the foamiran with a ribbon and tie a bow.

Make small bows from a narrow green ribbon. This is most conveniently done on a fork, repeating the steps shown in the photo.

After the bow is removed from the fork, carefully cut the edges at the free ends of the ribbon and singe with a lighter so that they do not crumble.

Glue the bows on the sisal.

Take the desired number of beads and glue them between the sisal beads.

The topiary can be left in this form or decorated with money, both real and false.

Take the bills, fold them in half lengthwise and then across.

From the resulting rectangle, twist the pads and fasten them with paper clips, if this is real money, so that you can spend it later, or glue, if it's fakes.

Place money between the sisal balls. Fix fake notes to glue, and real notes can be fixed so that they can be pulled out later. To do this, at the paper clip on which the bag is fixed, bend the edge and stick it into the foam.

The topiary is ready!