Royal sofa for dolls

What do children like most? Of course, play. Boys are cars, and girls are daughters and mothers. And, as you know, every dollhouse should have furniture, especially a soft sofa for a doll. So let’s do it yourself to make a truly royal sofa. It will be decorated with beads and beautiful pebbles, gold braid. Such an element of furniture will revive the interior of any doll room. For work, we need the following:

  • Soft foam or foam sponges.

  • Imitation leather.

  • Decorative tape and braid.

  • Beads - (13 pcs.), A large pebble, square beads (2 pcs.).

  • Wire, thread.

  • Small buttons - (7 pcs.).

  • Clay "Moment" or "Titan".


So, let's start by cutting out the blanks for the future sofa from foam. Of these materials, it is best to cut using an office knife. We will carve out only six parts: a seat, a stand for it, a back made of two parts, two armrests. The lower stand will be the same size as the seat, but it will be shifted back, so that its back side will protrude from under the pouf. We will cut out the back of the back later.

The second stage is the facing of the soft pouf. To do this, we cut out the necessary workpiece sizes from artificial leather - two thin side strips and a central part.

Using a thin blue ribbon, glue the edges of all patterns.

Next, we alternately glue the finished parts to the seat. First the sidewalls, and only then the center.

We also glue the pallet with a gold ribbon on three sides.

The side parts of the sofa, like the previous ones, are glued with leather, with the entire part on the outside, and only half on the inside. Here is what comes of it.

Now it’s time to decorate the pouf with beautiful beads. In my case, these are blue round beads. Please note that on the back of the pouf, when sewing on beads, you need to put buttons so that the thread does not break through the foam, as the thread will need to be tightened properly. After all, we want to get embossed protrusions on the seat. We sew only five beads.

We glue the armrests with a blue ribbon on top, and then gold.

Sofa back

You can of course make the back of the sofa from one part so it will be easier, but in our case it consists of two parts. Cut it out in this way.

Next, we begin to decorate the front of the back. First, glue the bottom of the skin, and then the top with a white ribbon. Sew on two beads.

After that we do the pasting of the back. Glue these two elements together.

Sofa assembly

Gently glue the pallet to the puff first, shifting it back. After that, the back is glued to the seat.

Then glue the armrests on both sides. The sofa for the doll is almost ready. It remains to decorate it with pebbles and beads. Glue beads and pieces of golden braid on the side parts. Well, the top of the sofa will be decorated royally. From a piece of leather, cut out the top for the back.

And in order to hide the ugly edges of the skin glue on four sides with a gold braid.

Take two square beads, thread the wire through the holes, twist the two curls and stick the free ends into the top of the back.

We will also do with a large spherical pebble, which we "plant" in the middle. The wire can be opened with gold acrylic paint.

If there is time and desire, a royal sofa for a doll can be supplemented with original pillows.