How to make a lush flower from paper napkins

Paper napkins are an excellent material for various crafts. But they are most suitable for making flowers. Our master class shows how to make a magnificent flower that looks like a peony.

To work, you need to take:

  • - 2-3-layer paper towel needs colors;

  • - green napkin;

  • - glue;

  • - scissors;

  • - wooden skewer.

The pink napkin is cut into 4 parts and at the same time separated into layers. She was 2-layer, so in the end we get 8 squares. These will be blanks for the future flower.

Take 4 squares and fold them in half 2 times. As a result, we get a small square.

Now fold it diagonally 2 times.

We make a semicircular cutout on the outside.

Lay out a little and slightly deepen the cut in the middle.

Now we gently twist the edges of the workpiece with our fingers. This will add splendor to the petals of the future flower.

Expand the blank of the petals.

Then it needs to be separated by layers and 4 more layers should be made according to the same principle. In further work, we will use each layer separately. We take one of them and in the center we introduce a wooden skewer.

We lubricate the upper part of the skewer with glue and around it we pull the blank from the napkin. So we got the core of the flower.

By the same principle, add the remaining layers, making our flower more magnificent.

Now you need to draw the bottom of the flower. To do this, cut out a circle from a green napkin.

We fix it at the bottom with a drop of glue.

It remains to make a stalk. To do this, cut a strip from a green napkin and wrap it with a wooden skewer. Fixing a strip at the beginning and at the end of work.

Our lush flower from paper napkins is ready.