Original paper flower

This flower is made using round billets folded in a certain way. How to do this, you can learn from the proposed workshop.

To work, you need a sheet of paper, a pencil, scissors, some round object (for quickly drawing circles), glue.

We draw nine identical circles and cut them with scissors. Eight of them will be flower petals, and one will be required for the base.

We start making petals. To do this, add one of the circles in half. Then, at its base, we outline the middle with a slight bend.

In the direction of this middle, we bend the right side of our semicircular workpiece.

We turn it over to the other side and make a bend, forming a segment (its right side should coincide with the previously made bend).

Again, turn the blank of the petal to the other side. Make a fold at the top of the segment. So we got one of the petals of the future flower.

We make seven more such petals.

Now we will be engaged in the basis on which we will stick all the petals. To do this, fold the circle four times and cut a small part along the edges of the resulting workpiece.

Expand this circle. Outlined fold lines and cut parts will help you position the petals evenly.

Glue the first petal, combining its top with the center of the base.

Then glue the remaining petals. On every fourth part of the circle of our base is placed two petals.

To decorate the core of the flower, you can glue some decorative element.