How to sew a women's hat for a photo shoot

It is no secret to anyone that so many people just love to host themed costumed parties for various holidays, especially often they sin like these on New Year's and Halloween. The main condition for such a party is the presence of a beautiful costume that hides the true face of the one who is under it, or vice versa transforming it beyond recognition. It’s a lot easier for men to choose an outfit for such a party, but if you are a girl and you were invited to a costume ball, you probably won’t be bothered, because buying a beautiful costume costs a lot of money.

An ideal way out of such a difficult situation is independent sewing of clothes at the ball, or rather sewing some of its parts.

So, it’s worth starting the preparation for the ball with cutting and tailoring an unusual, but very beautiful hat. Consider several possible options for a costume hat:

Option number 1. A small hat tablet

Making this kind of hat on your own is not only easy, but also simple. The modern fashionista will need the following components of the future hat:

1. Round cardboard in the middle of the toilet roll. If there is no such cardboard, it is quite possible to use an ordinary cardboard sheet, twisted into a tube. The size of the cardboard sheet is 20x15 centimeters, the diameter of the hole is 6-7 centimeters. The junction of the edges of the cardboard should be stitched on a typewriter, or sewn by hand, but only after pulling fabric on it;

2. Strong threads, matching the color of the selected fabric;

3. Fabric, the size of which should correspond to the size of the cardboard. The color of the fabric can be chosen any suitable for the dress;

4. Large lace;

5. About 30 centimeters of tulle;

6. Ribbon for a hat;

7. Sequins, or any other decorations.

From a large piece of cardboard, you need to cut a rectangle of the specified size, cover it with a cloth and roll it into a tube, stitching the joint.

It is necessary to sew lace and tulle to the resulting tube, folding them with an accordion, so that the fields of the hat turn out.

It is necessary to sew on the finished product, or to paste the sequins, and then stitch the ribbons for the ovary from the inside of the hat. The finished hat looks something like this:

Option number 2. Hat-cylinder

For the manufacture of this hat you will need a large piece of cardboard, no less than 30x20 centimeters in size, as well as a beautiful fabric, scissors, cardboard for the hat fields and all kinds of ribbons for decoration.

The top of the hat is made according to the same principle as the top of the hat described above, but it is worthwhile to dwell on further steps in more detail:

1. Once the top of the hat is ready, you can begin to create the fields of the cylinder, for which you will need two equally sized pieces of cardboard, 30–35 centimeters wide and 20 to 25 centimeters high;

2. An arc should be drawn on both pieces of cardboard, as shown in the figure. Leave the hatched parts and sheathed with a cloth and cut off the white ones;

3. Sew finished hat fields to the upper base and connect to each other;

4. Seams close up tapes.

5. The hat is ready, it remains only to sew on the ribbon for tying and you can go to the ball.

Option number 3. Hat XVII-XVIII centuries

To sew this hat you will need to follow the following instructions:

1. For sewing you will need 1-2 meters of lace, as well as 2-3 meters of fabric ribbons, which can be cut from any beautiful and dense piece of fabric;

2. Before starting sewing the edges of the tapes should be processed on a typewriter, or bent manually;

3. The ribbons are folded into an accordion and in this position are stitched so that in the end we get something like a flower, each petal of which covers half the previous one. Such sewing looks like this:

4. After sewing the base for the hat is completed, it is necessary to sew lace on it that will hide possible imperfections and sew a thick bright ribbon wide enough to form a large fluffy bow.

The resulting hat fits the heroine from the Scarlet movie, or any dress that has a large number of ruffles.

Having considered any of the received options for hats, you can come to the logical conclusion that having made them, you will surely find yourself in the center of general attention at the upcoming ball, since no one will definitely have such a beauty of products. In addition, any of the hats described above is perfect for a costume photo shoot.