Knitted cake

Knitted cake is a great decoration for a photo shoot. After all, it will not deteriorate, the cream will not be smeared, you can safely take pictures with it.

To knit a cake you need:

  • white yarn - acrylic;

  • the remains of red and green yarn for roses and leaves;

  • hook 2 mm;

  • synthetic winterizer for filling;

  • cardboard.

Dial 2 VPs, then in the second loop connect 6 RLS.

Continue knitting round without lifting loops and connecting posts. For convenience, you can mark the beginning of the row with a pin.

In each row, add 6 loops.

Continue to knit a flat circle of the required diameter (smallest tier), in this case 16 cm.

After that, knit without adding or decreasing another 10 cm.

Tie another 1 circle with a diameter of 16 cm.

Insert a pre-cut cardboard circle, fill the first part of the cake tier with synthetic winterizer, distribute it evenly, lay the same cardboard circle on top of the second one, cover with a flat circle of yarn, connect the parts using single crochet posts.

The upper tier is ready.

For a more interesting version of the cake, I suggest making a hole in it in order to put some gift in the cake.

In this case, the upper tier of the cake will be removed. And the second and third are connected together.

The second tier must not start from the middle of the circle, but from the place of the hole. You need to dial a chain of the calculated number of loops (90 VP), continue knitting in a circle, adding 6 columns in each row. Ultimately, the diameter of the circle should be 26 cm.

After that, as in the previous tier, knit the cake without changes in height 10 cm, then continue to add 6 columns evenly. Each tier is 10 cm larger than the previous one.

In the middle, it is necessary to tie a pipe of such a diameter so that a souvenir can fit in it.

For a pipe, you need to dial a certain number of loops, close it in a ring and knit without changes with double crochets.

When the second and third tiers are ready, the pipe is attached inside, we proceed to the assembly of the cake.

Put a cardboard circle, fill the tier with a synthetic winterizer, then the second circle. The first tier is ready. Since the two tiers are connected together, it is immediately necessary to lay a circle of a larger diameter (lower tier), then a synthetic winterizer, cardboard, cover it with a flat knitted circle. Fasten everything with double crochet.

The bulk of the cake is ready.

Now you need to make a decor.

For a knitted rosette, you need to dial 24 VP with red yarn, then knit arches from 3 VP, skipping 2 loops in a chain of VP.

In the next row, you need to knit crocheted columns: in the first arch - 3 CCH, in the second, third and fourth - 4 CCH, then 5 CCH and 6 CCH.

Collapse the rose, starting with a wide petal and secure with a thread and a needle. Tie 40 roses.

Petals of green yarn. Dial 10 VP. Knit a half-column, СБН, ПСН, ССН, СС2Н and the same in the reverse order, tie the same combination on the back of the chain from the VP.

Sew roses to the cake, decorate roses with petals.

The cake is ready.