Paper transforming star

Toys are loved not only by children. Many adults are not averse to having fun, especially when it comes to fun companies when you want to have fun. And here origami can come to the rescue, since it is in this technique that the original transforming star is made, capable of mutating. Another name for this craft is the ninja star, whose transformability will surprise many.

To create such a star, you will need 8 small sheets of square-shaped paper, it is better to take them in different colors - 4 each.

We begin to add one module. To do this, we make bends along the diagonals.

Then we make another bend in the transverse direction.

Positioning the workpiece as follows, we make the bends of the upper corners.

Now we fold one of the blanks of the future star in half, making a bend in the vertical direction.

The lower right corner must be carefully tucked inward using previously made bends.

According to the same principle, it is necessary to produce another 7 modules - one half of which is red and the other yellow.

Now we proceed directly to the assembly of the star. To do this, take the modules of different colors and put one into the other.

On a plane, it should look like this - the top edge of the red and yellow modules should be in line.

The protruding corners of the red blank must be bent inside the yellow module. So did the first connection.

Similarly, we continue to connect the modules, alternating colors.

Ultimately, you should get a ring of 8 modules.

If you gently push it from all sides, then the individual elements begin to move and our craft takes the form of a star, as in the photo. Return the star to its original position will be the same dilution of all modules to the side.