How to fry catfish deliciously

Catfish belongs to freshwater predatory fish. From such inhabitants of rivers and lakes as pike, common carp, carp, catfish compares favorably with the absence of strong scales and completely non-bony meat. Catfish do not have such small and sharp bones as, for example, the same pike. Tender and fatty catfish meat Fish perfectly lends itself to any culinary processing.

It’s not difficult to fry the catfish, any novice cook will cope with this process. To cook fried catfish you need:

  • catfish fish weighing 1.5 - 2.0 kg;

  • salt;

  • flour 100 g;

  • pepper;

  • oil 80 ml;

  • dry spicy herbs as desired.

1. Before cooking catfish, you need to gut. Before this, the fish must be washed well under the tap and wash off all the mucus. Cut off the head, it is quite useful for a delicious fish soup. Take out all the insides and rinse the carcass again.

2. Cut the prepared catfish into pieces. The thickness of each piece should be about 2 cm. Pepper the fish. Salt to taste. If desired, fish can be sprinkled with dry basil or a mixture of herbs.

3. Leave a bowl of fish for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Heat the pan with oil poured on it. Roll each piece of catfish in a flour before frying.

3. Fry the catfish on each side for 8-9 minutes. Each piece should be well browned.

It is advisable to serve fried catfish hot. This fish is well suited to any side dish of cereals, pasta, potatoes, fresh vegetables.