Leftover Ribbon Flower

Each needlewoman is faced with a problem, a few centimeters are left, and it is a pity to throw out. But they also have an application. Even from the small remnants of ribbons, you can make a beautiful hair clip with a flower.

To create such a flower you will need:

- squares of satin ribbons of five different shades of blue, with sides of 5 cm.

- scissors.

- The cabochon is light blue.

- lighter.

- hairpin “click-clack”.

- stamens with blue color of heads.

- green satin ribbon 25 mm wide.

Work sequence.

First you need to put in front of you all 5 prepared squares from different shades of blue.

You need to make a separate petal from each one. First you take one square and just bend it diagonally.

Slices of the resulting triangular part must be collected with folds, squeezing with your fingers.

The edges of the part are slightly curved, so you need to cut them with scissors, aligning the cut.

Then, with the fire of the lighter, the edges of the folds of the tape should be strongly scorched so that they weld together and retain their shape.

The result is a rounded petal for the future flower, the remaining 4 squares must be subjected to a similar treatment.

Multi-colored blanks are made. Now you need to make the leaves. To do this, you need a green ribbon. From it, 2 segments of 4 cm will be required.

The width of the segment must be doubled.

The edge at the top should be cut at a slight slope.

The inclined section should be immediately fused with fire and immediately squeeze the seam with your fingers so that the two layers of tape are fastened together.

The result was a simple leaf, the second is done the same way.

Now it's the turn of the blue stamens. They need to be glued in two.

The united stamens must be glued in the center of the leaves, but so that they do not protrude much beyond the edge of the green ribbon.

Now, from the prepared multi-colored petals, you should make a flower by connecting them in a circle.

Two leaflets should be glued to the iridescent flower, to the wrong side, placing them at a small distance.

On the bottom of the flower you need to attach the edge of the hairpin.

It remains only to attach a light blue cabochon in the center of the flower.

A multi-colored flower from the remains of ribbons is ready!