Bouquet of sweets from paper napkins

A bouquet of sweets is a wonderful gift; it is a real surprise that will always be unique. It can be presented for a birthday, March 8, or for any other holiday. Today I want to offer to make a bouquet of sweets using colored paper napkins. This method is very fast and requires minimal cost.

To create one flower, we need:

- 2 or more paper napkins (the more napkins, the more magnificent the flower);

- sweets (it is better to use sweets of small sizes);

- one wooden skewer;

- green corrugated paper;

- scissors;

- adhesive tape or thread;

- file or wrapping paper;

- stapler;

- pen or pencil;

- glue (pencil glue or PVA).

So, let's get started!

Step 1. Cover the candy with a small piece of the file and attach it with a thread or tape to the blunt end of the skewer (no need to pierce the candy!).

Step 2. We take 2 napkins. We need to fold them 2 times, now on the outside of the napkin we draw the outline of our flower, as shown in the photo.

Step 3. Cut out.

Step 4. We open the cut flower and fix it almost in the middle with a stapler so that the flower does not fall apart.

Step 5. For reliability, candy can be attached to the skewer with tape. Then we pass the cut flower to the base of the candy.

Step 6. So that our napkin does not fall, it must be fixed with a small piece of adhesive tape.

Step 7. We begin to raise one layer up so that the flower becomes lush. As a result, we should get 8 layers (if you use 2 wipes).

Step 9. Cut a long strip of 1 cm wide from green corrugated paper and a small square 5 x 5 cm.

Step 10. From the square we cut out a four-leafed leaf.

Step 11. Using glue, wrap the skewer with a long pre-prepared strip.

Step 12. Pierce the four-leafed and plant at the base of the flower. We fix with glue.

Our flower is ready! Thus, you can make several flowers and collect a bouquet.