Postcard for May 9: "Bouquet of carnations"

It is always a pleasure to do a greeting card with your own hands. If we are talking about the holiday of May 9, then this, of course, should be a bouquet of carnations from colored paper.

The red flower is a symbol of victory, and together with the St. George ribbon it will decorate any card or holiday collage.

Materials for work:

  • colored paper;

  • White paper;

  • felt-tip pen;

  • scissors;

  • PVA glue.

Postcard Creation Instructions

The obligatory element, which the postcard should contain by May 9, is the St. George ribbon. You can use the finished, purchased in the store. And you can make a two-color ribbon from colored paper.

Cut off one edge of the tape in the shape of a ā€œVā€. The second is twisted into a tube. We paste the blank on the base of a white paper postcard. Our ribbon will come out of the ribbon. We draw stems of flowers with a felt-tip pen.

We will make flowers out of red colored paper. Three squares with a side of 3 cm are folded twice in half.

Round off the cut. Cut cloves on it.

Expand. Learned the preparation of carnation flower. We make several cuts directed to the center of the flower, but do not finish them to the end.

The sepals are cut out of green paper. We make them three things.

Fold the flower blank in half. Glue the sepals. We glue the flower to the end of the stem. You can fold the flower blank several times. In this case, you get a bud or a unblown flower.

Cut out several thin long sheets of green paper. Curl them with scissors.

We cut the wide edge at an acute angle. Glue the leaves to the stem.

A bouquet of carnations is ready for May 9!

This blank can be used as a completed postcard or supplemented with other decorative elements, make a congratulatory inscription or stick on a colored background.