3D card with flowers

An ordinary postcard does not surprise anyone. Therefore, I had the idea to make a 3 D postcard with flowers. Make it easy, but it looks unusual and interesting. Such a card will be remembered for a long time.

To make a postcard, we need:

- a sheet of double-sided color cardboard (card base) of any color;

- double-sided colored paper (for flowers) of any color;

- pencil glue;

- scissors;

- a pencil;

- felt-tip pens.

Step 1. From the double-sided colored paper, cut out 7 squares of 10x10 cm.

Step 2. Fold the square 3 times to make a triangle.

Step 3. Draw a petal.

Step 4. Cut and open.

Step 5. Thus, we make all 7 flowers.

Step 7. With a blue and blue felt-tip pen from the middle, draw small strokes, also along the edges of the flower. Two petals set aside not painted!

Step 8. Also color the rest of all 7 flowers.

Step 9. Cut out one of the non-painted petals. We also do the rest of the colors.

Step 10. The remaining unfilled petal is coated with glue and connected to the adjacent petal. It should turn out to be voluminous. We do all other flowers as well.

Step 11. Take 3 flowers. We bend each flower in half. On one of the flowers we mark crosses. We mark the places marked with a cross with glue and glue the other 2 flowers bent in half there.

Step 12. We mark the places marked with a cross with glue and glue another flower bent in half.

Step 13. Again we put crosses, glue these places with glue and glue 2 more flowers, bent in half.

Step 14. Again we put crosses, coat with glue and glue one flower bent in half.

Step 15. Put one cross, coat with glue.

Step 16. Glue to the base of the postcard.

Step 17. Put the last cross, coat with glue. Close the card so that everything sticks.

We open and our flowers open, like real ones!