Kettle stand

Once my friends came to visit me. I decided to treat them with tea. It turned out that one loves black, the second - green, and the third prefers herbal fees. In my home stocks there are different types of tea, I keep them specifically for such cases. But a little problem arose. The fact is that the type of boxes and jars with different contents spoils the table setting. Then I had the idea to make a beautiful stand for tea bags. It can accommodate various types of product for every taste.

For work, I used the following materials:

- image of a teapot and cup;

- wrapping paper with the theme “Paris”;

- 3 sheets of cardboard;

- glue stick;

- scissors;

- glue gun;

- handle;

- stripes for quilling;

- openwork flowers of white and pink hue.

First I prepared the stencils. On a sheet of white cardboard I painted a teapot with a lid and a miniature cup. I cut out their silhouettes, and I got two stencils for subsequent work.

Then I picked up a restrained shade wrapping paper with a romantic image of Provence. I chose this color because I have a tea service of a light pink hue with delicate flowers.

I wrapped wrapping paper over 2 sheets of cardboard using ordinary glue stick. This indispensable tool allows you to quickly and evenly stick thin brown paper to thick cardboard.

On the white side of the cardboard, I stenciled 4 images of a teapot and 4 cup drawings.

After I cut out all 4 teapots and glued together 2 symmetrical details. This is necessary not only so that the design is more stable, but also so that the picture is obtained on both sides.

I did the same manipulations with the details of the cups.

Then she prepared the rectangles, which will become the side walls and the bottom of the dishes.

For a teapot, you need 3 parts 7 x 6 cm in size, and for a cup, 2 parts 5 x 2.5 cm in size (side walls) and 1 part 3 x 2.5 cm (bottom).

I made cuts on paired blanks, along which the parts will be attached to the side walls.

Now it remains only to collect all the blanks.

For this, I used a glue gun. Using it, I connected all the parts of the cup, and as a result I got such an interesting craft. I will give advice to those who want to do something similar: try to glue the side parts symmetrically.

And this is a kind of teapot.

The last stage is the decor of the product. From stripes for quilling, I formed various openwork flowers.

Red flowers were perfect. I glued them one at a time to the side walls of the teapot and cup. And also used white and pink openwork flowers.

I glued the cup to the center of the kettle.

My stand is ready. She has 2 pockets (large and small), she is steady and very beautiful.

It is convenient to place tea and sugar bags in the holes.

If a family has a coffee lover, then coffee sticks can be served in a small pocket.

This is such a great stand for tea bags, I did.

She looks just amazing. I lay out different packages of tea, coffee, and my girlfriends choose a drink according to their preference. Thanks to this idea, table setting during tea drinking is always neat and refined. I am quite happy with my work.

By the way, on the same principle, you can make a stand for napkins.