Origami Pokemon Pikachu

Pokémon first appeared 20 years ago, and now they are experiencing their new popularity. Of these, the most famous can be called Pikachu. In our master class, it is proposed to make it out of paper using the origami technique.

For work you will need a square sheet of paper (yellow) and felt-tip pens (red and black).

First, fold the paper along two diagonals.

Then do the transverse folds in the other direction.

Add the blank of the Pokemon in the form of a double square.

On one side we bend the side corners to the center and slightly up.

On the other side, we will do the same.

We bend the upper corner of the resulting rhombus down.

We will begin to straighten the blank of the future Pokemon on the one hand.

Carefully straighten it and give it the following look. On the other hand, we do the same.

Bend one of the upper parts down.

Expand the Pokemon blank on the other side and simultaneously rotate it 180 degrees.

Bend the upper corners on both sides to the sides, these will be the ears of our Pikachu.

Bend the lower part up, and then bend down together with the upper part, forming an even line between the ears of the Pokemon. At the same time, we will slightly bend the lower part of our Pikachu.

Turn over to the other side, this is how the blank of a Pokemon looks from the front.

We draw on it with a black felt-tip pen eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Add the cheeks with a red felt-tip pen, our Pikachu is ready.