Magic wand transformer

Almost all children love tinkering and most often they make their crafts out of paper. It will be especially interesting for the child to be engaged in creativity if the result is a transformer toy. Such is our magic wand, the manufacture of which is shown in this master class.

To create it, you need to take:

- an equal number of square sheets of paper of two colors (the length of the stick will depend on their number);

- glue stick.

Our stick will consist of separate modules, for the manufacture of each of which you will need 2 sheets of different colors. Let's start folding the first module. To do this, take the orange square and make a fold diagonally.

After that, 2 sides are bent to the center.

We bend the corners of the resulting triangles in the opposite direction.

Now make the bends towards the center line.

We arrange the workpiece vertically, bend one edge up.

Then we bend diagonally to the left side the lower part of the future sticks blank.

Bend the top of the module down.

Now you need to make a diagonal fold at the top, bending it to the right side and slightly up.

Using the same principle, we make a module from yellow paper.

It was the turn of connecting two modules into a single whole. To do this, put the yellow element in folded form into orange.

Now the ends of the orange module must be turned into yellow. First we do it from above.

Then we fill the lower tip of the orange module.

The protruding corners must be bent up and glued. First, we do it on the one hand.

Then we turn over and repeat the operation.

To create a stick, you will need to make several of these elements, the length of the craft will depend on their quantity. We made 6 pieces.

Now it remains to connect these elements with each other. We do this by applying one element to another and connecting with glue.

In this way we connect all the elements of our transformer wand.

This is how our craft looks on the side.

To turn it into a long stick, you need to start turning it around the axis. In this case, all the elements will begin to straighten out, becoming voluminous.