Turkey beef stroganoff

A dish prepared in this way is loved by both adults and children. Turkey meat gives the dish a delicate and refined taste. As you know, chicken is chopped with hormones and antibiotics, and turkey meat is not susceptible to hormones, so it is sold much more expensive on the market. Therefore, using turkey meat for food is much more beneficial. At the same time, turkey meat is more dietetic than any other meat. The turkey is preparing, a little longer than chicken, but it's worth it.

Cooking time: hour.

The difficulty of cooking: simple.


  • Two small turkey fillets;

  • Mustard;

  • Sour cream three tablespoons;

  • Tomato paste two tablespoons;

  • Bulb;

  • Oatmeal half a glass;

  • Spice;

  • Bouillon Cube;

  • Bay leaf.

Cooking recipe

We wash the meat under water. Dry with napkins. Then cut into thin cubes or cubes.

Prepare the flour. Pour into a plate. You can sift through a sieve.

Next, remove the peel from the onion. Cut into cubes. Spread on a heated pan with olive oil and fry.

Put the sliced ​​fillet in a plate with flour and roll on all sides. Spread to the fried onion. Also bring to a rosy color.

Preparing the fill. To do this, use mustard, sour cream and tomato paste.

On a half-liter mug, put a large spoonful of mustard, tomato paste, as indicated in the recipe and sour cream, dilute everything with boiling water and mix well. Add one bouillon cube and let it dissolve.

Pour the mixture into a frying pan and let it stew for about half an hour in a small flame. In the meantime, put the spices, break the lavrushka into small pieces and put in beef stroganoff. We cover and do not forget to constantly mix.

Ready beef stroganoff served with mashed potatoes. Decorate at will, you can, greens. Serve with fresh vegetables or salads. Bon Appetit.