Scrapbooking Chocolate Girl

Chocolate is a universal gift, it can be presented to both a child and an adult for any occasion. But how to make this insignificant present remembered for a long time? I propose to make a chocolate bar in the style of scrapbooking with your own hands. This is quite interesting, unusual, and very nice to receive such a gift.

For chocolate we need:

  • - double-sided cardboard;

  • - colored paper;

  • - curly and ordinary scissors;

  • - voluminous double-sided tape;

  • - scrapbook paper;

  • - a pencil;

  • - glue;

  • - decor (half beads, pieces of foamiran, satin ribbon, braid, stamens);

  • - hole puncher.

Step 1. Draw a diagram of the chocolate bar, as shown below. It’s better to do it with a pencil. Cut out.

Step 2. All bending lines are drawn using a ruler and scissors.

Step 3. Glue the pocket.

Step 4. Getting to the decor. First, draw the inside of the chocolate box. From colored paper, cut out 2 rectangles 16 cm long and 8 cm wide. We cut the second rectangle into 2 parts. Using curly scissors, 4 triangles are cut from scrapbook paper. From foamiran we cut out a strip 16 cm long and 1 cm wide. We also need a 16 cm braid. We glue everything as shown in the photo.

Step 5. Then glue the ribbon around the chocolate box.

Step 6. And now the fun part! We begin to decorate the outside of the chocolate box. For this we need: a rectangle of scrapbook paper 16 cm long and 8 cm wide; foamiran triangles; roses from scrapbook paper; a few stamens; half beads; also pieces of bulk tape.

Step 7. On the back of the flowers, glue the bulk tape and stamens. Thanks to this, our flowers will be voluminous.

Step 8. We make a tag, there you can write the name of the person you want to give. Cut the tag, glue it on scrapbook paper and pierce with a hole punch. We connect everything with a ribbon.

Step 9. Glue as shown in the photo.